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Silent Disco with New Wave Sound Company

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Silent Disco is the perfect, one-of-a-kind experience for wedding receptions! Now you can play multiple genres of music simultaneously — so there's something for everyone. Have an "Oldies" station, a request line, and a kid-friendly staton. Or go with pop, country, and hip-hop music if that's your thing.

Our wireless headphones connect with DJs, laptops, smartphones, iPods, Spotify playlists, and more to deliver the audience three separate channels of music at once. Even cooler, every pair of headphones has blue, red, and green LED lights to let the crowd know exactly what channel you're listening to. No more yelling over loud speakers, as the headphones have their own volume and channel controls for a completely personalized experience.


Expires: 06/30/2024

Silent Disco with New Wave Sound Company


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