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8 Endermologie treatments (30 day expiration- includes bodywear 1 time fee of $40)

With 2 free infrared sauna sessions 

Endermologie tightens and tones loose sagging skin, helps to eliminate fatty tissue and smoothes cellulite.

It also alleviates muscular aches and pains and feels fantastic!!

We are now also offering The Brazilian Body Sculpt Detox Method @$180 a session or $150 each when you purchase 4 sessions.  We combine Instasculpting (cavitation for fat loss and radio frequency for skin tightening) then cover the chosen body area with a french clay while relaxing in an infrared blanket.  We recommend adding lymphatic drainage with endermologie after this treatment.  A winning combo for dramatic inch and weight loss that we like to call "SLENDERMOLOGIE'.


Expires: 05/01/2024

Synergie Spa


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