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I would love to officiate your wedding! My favorite thing about wedding ceremonies is creating something very special for each couple, a ceremony that is unique and personal. I love the whole process of getting to know the couple and incorporating their love story into the ceremony. What a joyful experience it is to be a part of such a happy occasion.

I would like to help you plan something memorable. Your wedding can be extravagant or simple and still be an unforgettable experience. If having a unique ceremony appeals to you, get in touch with me and we will explore the possibilities. If you like the idea of working closely with me to create a unique ceremony to celebrate your commitment to this relationship we can begin the process when you are ready. If this does not appeal to you, I can write the ceremony myself. 
I also provide optional prenuptial counseling. Getting married is an important step in your life. You want your relationship to be the happiest it can be and last a lifetime. Through this counseling program, you will learn new communication skills that build trust, empathy and unconditional love. If you are interested in this we can talk about it when we discuss the ceremony.

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