Destination Wedding offer – Resort and group airfares credit

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Trip it like you mean it by Dream Vacations

This deal is expired.

Receive up to +$5000 rebates, free room upgrades, extra amenities, and kids stays free for select luxury resorts and travel dates. For groups with 75+ nights will get an additional $250 group airfares credit. Must be booked and deposited by March 31, 2020.


Plus the group leader will get an additional $100 VISA gift card, complimentary destination wedding guide, and a Lily Pulitzer exclusive gift.

Make lifetime memories while exploring to the most beautiful destinations around the world with your loved ones. Contact us today to start planning your epic destination wedding and honeymoon.

Our carefully curated trip is never just about getting you from point A to point B. Our focus is your overall experience with the most important person in your life. How you experience the world makes all the difference. We infused every detail with something that is truly personalized to you to help you achieve the level of love we all deserve. To love and be loved intentionally. Intensely. Irrefutably. That is our mission.

We can’t think of anything greater than traveling, exploring, creating memories with your special someone. Feeling lucky to be alive. Feeling consumed by the wonder of the worlds. Building that unbreakable bond with your person.

We are honored to be a part of your journey. Your life. Your love stories.

Marry Me Like You Mean It ~forever be my always~

~love me intentionally. Intensely. Irrefutably~




Expires: 03/31/2020

Trip it like you mean it by Dream Vacations

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