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Wedding Giveaway from BottleKeeper

Wedding Party Pack of Custom BottleKeepers to Keep...

07/30/2019 WINNER

Yvonne S. & Alex H.

from Hillsboro, WV

BottleKeeper Exclusive Offer

You're still a winner in our book! Please enjoy 15% off your purchase of BottleKeepers today

Promo Code: WEDDING

Expires: 08/31/2019

Kitchen Charm Cookware
Wedding Giveaway from Kitchen Charm Cookware

The Cutting Edge

07/29/2019 WINNER

Olivia S. & Trenton T.

from Bushnell, FL

Kitchen Charm Cookware Exclusive Offer

Enter to Win Your Honeymoon!! - Airfare Included

Wedding Giveaway from Candlemart

$100 of Free Wedding Candles

07/26/2019 WINNER

Candlemart Exclusive Offer

Save 15% off your entire order!

Promo Code: WEDVIBE15

Expires: 08/04/2019

Laugh Staff
Wedding Giveaway from Laugh Staff

Wedding Speech Help

07/24/2019 WINNER

Laugh Staff Exclusive Offer

Get 10% Off Your Speeches


Expires: 11/15/2019

Make It Formal
Wedding Giveaway from Make It Formal

Make it Formal $500 Visa Giftcard

07/19/2019 WINNER

Marci S. & Ryan B.

from Sandusky, OH

Make It Formal Exclusive Offer

Bonus Entry - Win $150 in FREE Wedding Tees

"Forever Bouquet Paintings"
Wedding Giveaway from "Forever Bouquet Paintings"

Custom Bridal Bouquet Painting

07/18/2019 WINNER

Maggie D. & Chance C.

from New York, NY

"Forever Bouquet Paintings" Exclusive Offer

$50 OFF Any Size Custom Bridal Bouquet Painting

Great Scrape
Wedding Giveaway from Great Scrape

Custom Grill Great Scrapes

07/17/2019 WINNER

Great Scrape Exclusive Offer

50% Off Personalization

Promo Code: theknot

Expires: 09/01/2019

Distinct Packaging
Wedding Giveaway from Distinct Packaging

Custom-Designed Party Favor Boxes

07/16/2019 WINNER

Wenda L. & Kyle G.

from Shediac, NB

Distinct Packaging Exclusive Offer

Save up to $100 on Party Favor Packaging

Promo Code: SAVEBIG100

Expires: 10/15/2019

Wedding Collectibles
Wedding Giveaway from Wedding Collectibles

Custom Willow Tree Wedding Cake Topper

07/15/2019 WINNER

Andrea C. & Garrett L.

from Tulsa, OK

Wedding Collectibles Exclusive Offer

Wedding Giveaway from WeddingMix

Edited Highlight and Feature Videos

07/12/2019 WINNER

Liz S. & Mike G.

from Gainesville, FL

WeddingMix Exclusive Offer

Get 10% Off The Most Awarded Wedding Videos

Association of Wedding Gown Sp...
Wedding Giveaway from Association of Wedding Gown Specialists

Wedding Gown Preservation

07/11/2019 WINNER

Association of Wedding Gown Specialists Exclusive Offer

Take the certificate to any participating Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™ for a credit of $35.00* towards services for your gown.

Classic Photographers
Wedding Giveaway from Classic Photographers

Photo & Video for Your Wedding

07/10/2019 WINNER

Classic Photographers Exclusive Offer

Save $500 on any just photo or photo/video packages at Classic Photographers. This offer is exclusive to all Wedding Vibe members!


Expires: 08/12/2019

Bacchus and Jack Fine Goods
Wedding Giveaway from Bacchus and Jack Fine Goods

$100 Bacchus and Jack Gift Certificate

07/09/2019 WINNER

William B. & Jennifer M.

from Rockford, IL

Bacchus and Jack Fine Goods Exclusive Offer

Free Consultation on Wedding Party Gifts

Expires: 08/31/2019

Kellcie & Co.
Wedding Giveaway from Kellcie & Co.

$150 for Bridal Tees & Accessories

07/08/2019 WINNER

Erica S. & Esteban F.

from Cerritos, CA

Kellcie & Co. Exclusive Offer

Enter Here for a 2nd Chance to Win $150 in Wedding Tees

Basic Invites
Wedding Giveaway from Basic Invites

150 Save the Dates

07/05/2019 WINNER

Megan D. & Travis B.

from Northampton, PA

Basic Invites Exclusive Offer


Promo Code: 15FF51

Where Brides Go
Wedding Giveaway from Where Brides Go

Cake Topper

07/03/2019 WINNER

Tijuana B. & Dominique C.

from Key West, FL

Where Brides Go Exclusive Offer

Camo Ever After
Wedding Giveaway from Camo Ever After

Camo or Hunting/Fishing Wedding Ring

07/01/2019 WINNER

Camo Ever After Exclusive Offer

15% Off Wedding Rings

Promo Code: VIBE15OFF

Ben's Maple Syrup
Wedding Giveaway from Ben's Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup Wedding Favors

06/28/2019 WINNER

Samantha S. & Doug R.

from East Bridgewater, MA

Ben's Maple Syrup Exclusive Offer

10% OFF Truly Unique Maple Syrup Wedding Favors

Promo Code: LOVEISSWEET2019

Expires: 08/15/2019

Plant a Memory
Wedding Giveaway from Plant a Memory

100 Tree Seedling Wedding Favors

06/27/2019 WINNER

Danielle D. & Andre B.

from Boring, OR

Plant a Memory Exclusive Offer

Love Laughter Community
Wedding Giveaway from Love Laughter Community

Digital Time Capsule

06/26/2019 WINNER

Love Laughter Community Exclusive Offer

Get yourself the gift of a time capsule full of your wedding memories, and save $20 (use code below at checkout).

Promo Code: GAL20off

Expires: 07/19/2019

Wine Nook
Wedding Giveaway from Wine Nook

Engraved Wine Nook

06/25/2019 WINNER

Wine Nook Exclusive Offer

15% OFF any Wine Nook

Promo Code: 15OFF

Expires: 04/01/2020

Kitchen Charm Cookware
Wedding Giveaway from Kitchen Charm Cookware

The Cutting Edge

06/24/2019 WINNER

Kitchen Charm Cookware Exclusive Offer

Enter to Win Your Honeymoon - Airfare Included!

Blooms By The Box
Wedding Giveaway from Blooms By The Box

$350 in DIY Flowers

06/21/2019 WINNER

Blooms By The Box Exclusive Offer

Save 5% on Orders Over $100

Promo Code: WEDVIBE0619

Expires: 09/30/2019

The Spa Dr.
Wedding Giveaway from The Spa Dr.

The Spa Dr. Daily Essentials 4-Step Skin Care Syst...

06/20/2019 WINNER

The Spa Dr. Exclusive Offer

You can still get that beautiful bridal glow and save $44 when you select The Daily Essentials skin care system as a subscribe and save option!

Promo Code: WEDDINGVIBE155

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