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Unity Heart

By: Unity Cross

Drawing Date: 05/13/2019

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Unity Heart: Two Hearts Becoming One

  • Designed to celebrate the joyous experience of two hearts becoming one, the Unity Heart is a symbol of love, commitment, and faithfulness.
  • Used during the wedding ceremony, the Unity Heart will remain as a lasting reminder of your love for years to come.

Unity Cross: A Lasting Reminder of Your Love

  • Make your wedding unforgettable with the Unity Cross. Assembled during the ceremony to visually demonstrate the commitment between husband and wife, the Unity Cross creates a unique and significant wedding experience.

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Sweepstakes Entry Disclaimer No purchase necessary to participate in Unity Cross Unity Heart. Except where prohibited, the Contestant(s)’s entry in Unity Heart constitutes informed consent by the Contestant(s) to allow Unity Cross to use Contestant(s)’s personally identifiable information (name, likeness, photograph, voice, opinions, hometown, location and entry information), with or without attribution, for commercial and promotional purposes in any media form, worldwide. Contestant(s) also forfeit(s) any claim to compensation or consideration for the use of the above referenced information. Unity Cross reserves the right to contact Contestant(s) using the contact information provided by Contestant(s) at the time of entry in to Unity Heart for marketing and promotional purposes. Contact information includes postal address, telephone number, cellular phone number, e-mail address and any other information as provided by Contestant(s) at the time of entry in to Unity Heart. Contestant(s) may opt-out of receiving such communications by contacting Unity Cross directly or by utilizing different opt-out methods as provided by Unity Cross communications (i.e. unsubscribe link). AnM Development and Wedding Vibe do not guarantee any performance or products from Unity Cross's Unity Heart. Wedding Vibe & WeddingVibe.com, a division of AnM Development, Inc. (collectively “AnM Development”) is not subject to liability for and damaged or lost products shipped between Unity Cross and winning Contestant(s). Wedding Vibe & WeddingVibe.com, a division of AnM Development, Inc. (collectively “AnM Development”) are not affiliated with Unity Cross.
Winning Contestant(s) will be selected on 2019-05-13. Winning Contestant(s) has 7 days from 2019-05-13 to claim prize.

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