Re-marketing Tips to Help Turn Your Bridal Leads into Sales

Tip #1
No one can work your leads better than you can! Once you receive your bridal leads list from us, please be sure to begin your own re-marketing to this highly qualified leads list bi-weekly or more! The quickest way to reach them via email is through an email program such as Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc…

Tip #2
When emailing these users, it is great to remind them why they are receiving your email. For example: “Thank you for entering our giveaway on To show our appreciation, we have this special offer for you!…”

Tip #3
If you haven’t already done so, you would greatly benefit from setting up and utilizing a re-marketing tool on Facebook, Instagram and Google! This way, when we send these brides and grooms to your site, they are then tagged so that your message will continue to be in their face via their social media and web browsing… to keep reminding them to make a purchase from you!

Tip #4
Our most successful sponsors have a monthly Giveaway posted on our site so that they can continue to fill their funnel with highly qualified bridal leads to continue re-marketing to all year round!

Tip #5
Always be respectful with your emails, calls, texts and voicemails. Be sure they can unsubscribe if they choose to. They are currently going through the wedding planning process, so you will have to be consistently in front of them. Let them know how your service or product can enhance their wedding experience.

Tip #6
Never Hesitate to contact me directly with any questions you have. I am happy to help you and it is always my goal to help our wonderful giveaways sponsors grow!

Thanks so much for being a sponsor! I truly appreciate your business!

Kristy T.