How To Prepare For A Wedding As A Guest

A wedding is a special day for the happy couple and as a guest, you want to do all you can to ensure that the part you play in their day helps it to run smoothly and enjoyably. You want to enjoy your day with them and add to their special day that should be full of happiness and wonderful memories. So, here are some great ways that you can do your bit to help you be a great guest. 

RSVP, quickly 

When planning a wedding it is a strategic and logistical organization that depends very much on the number of guests. The number of guests will affect the budget, the location, the timings, the food choices, and so on. The earlier the bride and groom know the exact number of guests the easier it will be to make concrete decisions going forward. So, to help your loved ones plan their wedding be sure that you respond to your invite at the earliest opportunity. 

Kids or no kids?

When it comes to bringing children to a wedding more often than not the decision is out of your hands. Each couple will have a different opinion on whether or not they want children at their wedding. The important thing to remember however is that the final decision does not rest with you. Be sure that you understand the bride and groom’s intentions and whether they intend for children to be at their wedding or not. If the invite is addressed ‘To the Jones Family’ then don’t be afraid to seek clarification and confirm whether this includes children or not. 

Your outfit

Although the big day is usually all about the bridal dress, dressing appropriately as a guest is just as important. The invitation will usually specify just how formal or informal the dress code is, that said there is typically some dress code etiquette to follow. A formal wedding will usually require smart suits and shoes for men and an appropriately formal wedding guest dress or pants suit for women. The same applies to children. Avoid jeans, caps, trainers, loose-fitting tees, and flip-flops.  

Be on time 

If the wedding is due to start at 11 am then be sure that you arrive in plenty of time, at least twenty minutes before. This will give everyone time to get seated and ready for the couple’s arrival. The last thing you want to do is interrupt them mid vows as you fumble around for your seat. 

Sit where you are told 

The couple will have spent countless hours pouring over the seating arrangements for the sit-down dinner. They would have worked hard to ensure everybody is placed appropriately to enjoy the day, so do not move your place card and start playing musical chairs. It is rude and unhelpful. What is more, the staff may have planned for any dietary requirements and know which meal is to be served in which place setting. If you don’t know everyone at your table then use it as an opportunity to meet someone new, after all, you could really hit it off and find yourself a new friend. 

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