Easy Ways to Save on Your Summer Wedding!

Say I Don’t to Wedding Expences!

Summer Weddings are the recent talk of the city. If you too are planning your wedding this summer, let

me warn you in advance, plethora of expenses are waiting at your doorsteps. Water activities, Blower

fans, Regular supply of chilled water, Ice-cream bar and what not? There is no doubt in the fact that

Summer Wedding undergoes a lot of additional expenses but “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

Here are a few tips to save on your summer wedding:

DIY to save money and engrave love

Remove the lid of your pen and put on your thinking caps to design your handmade Wedding Invitation

Card, Escort Cards and Thank You cards. Preparing handmade greeting cards won’t make you look miser

rather will showcase the emotional side of your personality. So, are you ready to surprise your guests

with your creativity and thoughts?

“Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship”

Avoid weekends for tying the knots. You can pinch pennies by doing this, generally the marriage halls

and caterers charge higher on weekends. Plus, weekends assure that none of your guests will skip your

wedding day. Specially those who will arrive just to eat (No offense!) ……

You are paying to get clicked? (Save here)

Each one of us has a friend who loves to click photographs and is always spotted with the D.S.L.R. ask

that friend to do it for you. Later on give him a small treat and save your bucks from being squandered

on hiring a photographer from outside instead.

For the Flowers….

Don’t fritter away your hard earned money in buying expensive flowers that are off season. Buy the

flowers which are easily accessible in the market. Use a combination of two or max to max three

flowers, buying same kind of flowers in bulk can also avail you some discounts.

Don’t outstretch your event

It’s good to plan both the ceremony and the reception at the same place. You can save a considerable

sum of money by organizing them at same location. Moreover, be very specific about your guest’s list.

Yeah, I understand it is very difficult to decide Whom to invite and Whom to leave? Be very precise

while you prepare your list.

Here comes my favorite- Food!

Since, it’s a summer wedding you can comfy your guests with a light delight. Keep a plain and light menu

for the reception. No need to go for multi course meal, serve small plates of light meal.

Do you really need an extravagant wedding cake?

They say a penny saved is a penny earned. A tiered wedding cake will cost you a great number. Cup

cakes, cookies and other desserts can be your pick for the day. The best thing about cup cakes is that

they can be personalized individually and then can be taken away by the guests as a memento of your


Here you can save the most- Décor!

Act smart and cut the costs wherever you can and as much as you can but again- smartly! Using bigger

tables will reduce the number of centerpieces required. Another trick for you is- Shop off season for the

décor products. Some adorable pieces of art can be purchased at very low prices immediately after

Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Try your hands on them!

Wish you all the very best for your budget friendly wedding. Get, Set and Go! Save wherever you see a


Article Submitted By Riva



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