Wedding maps are becoming increasingly popular as a form of wedding stationery. Many couples are choosing to include them in their invitations, not only for out of town guests who may not know their way around the area, but for guests who have lived in the area their entire lives too.

Wedding maps are beginning to serve as almost an activity guide for a couple’s wedding. They aren’t so much a formal diagram with geographical points that will actually help you if you get lost, but as a figurative chart through your relationship.
The map may show special spots, places of interest, or things to visit.

These guides are great, especially if you are planning on having a weekend wedding and your guests aren’t sure what to do when you are off making final arrangements. If you have pin-pointed a few must-see local landmarks it will be sure to keep friends, relatives, and pesky cousin Joe entertained for a few hours.

A few examples of the types of wedding maps that will give you wonderful inspiration for your wedding stationary are provided above. These are not only practical for you and your guests, but will make for a lovely keepsake and a beautiful work of art for you to have long after the day is over.

Some maps will give the ceremony and reception locations, plus personal details about the couple like where they went to school, their favorite spots, and tourist locations.

Some take on a weekend wedding program role, incorporating activities into the mix and a schedule of events for guests to participate in. They might also have a small schedule for the wedding, like ceremony and reception times.

Others have a whimsical feel which shows you that you can still be fun, yet functional. They use proper street addresses so guests know where the ceremony and reception locations will be, but add artistic flares and fun touches.

Destination wedding maps show all the fun things you can do while at couple’s weddings, including shopping, dining, and snorkeling. They include the general direction for the best locations for these activities, plus where to go to reach other cities, the airports, and hotels.

Some maps will show the journey through the couple’s relationship and use imagery. It will give details about the couple including where they are from, how they met, and where they currently reside.

Others will choose to go old-school with a traditional map. With proper street names and a legend at the bottom; their guests aren’t getting lost at all!

Article Submitted by: Samantha Macrae from Essence of Events

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