Bachelorette Party Ideas

Looking for fun bachelorette party ideas? Take a peak at what we’ve compiled for what is sure to be a fun party for all!

1.) Wine Tasting
Do you and your friends love sipping on wine? Try wine tasting at a local vineyard or head to Napa Valley for a fun girls weekend. You can even set up your own wine tasting party if you are having a bachelorette party on a budget. Buy cheese and fruit parings to match the wines and sip away! Create fun wine glasses or wine charms for each guest as a party favor. Not a wine fan, head to a local brewery for a brewery tour.

2.) Spa Day
Do you love being pampered and want more of a reserved bachelorette bash? Why not have a spa themed bachelorette party? Go to a local spa for manicures, pedicures, or massages. Or you can hire someone to come in to a hotel room or someone’s house who is hosting the party to give massages or manicures. (Many places will set up food and drinks for you, or ask if you can bring your own in.) Sit back and relax- you will definitely need one of these days come close to wedding time!

3.) Camping
Do you love the outdoors? Maybe camping is for you and your girls? Pack up the cars with all your gear and head to a local campground with all your gals. Pitch a tent and “rough it” for a weekend. (There are campgrounds where you can rent cabins as well if pitching a tent sounds like a bit too much for you and your girls.) You will be sure to have fun around the campfire cooking out, making s’mores, and having a few cocktails. Many campgrounds have fun sporting activities during the day, or find something fun to do near the campground for the day time.

4.) Themed Bachelorette Parties
Are you one for dressing up and love a good themed party? Well then a themed bachelorette party is perfect for you! Try an 80’s theme and head out on the town with all your gals in funky bright colors. Maybe country is more your style? Put on your boots, cowboy hat and have a stompin’ good time. Throw on fun wigs and head out on the town-Wig Out!!! Throw a Mexican fiesta complete with sombreros and margaritas. There are plenty of great theme ideas, and it so fun for all the girls to get dressed up.

5.) City
Getting glammed up and heading to your local metropolitan area is always a good time. Find the perfect dress and lipstick and run the city with your girls! You can rent a hotel in the city for all your gals to stay. Or have a limo, van, or bus take you from location to location. This way no one needs to worry about driving.

6.) Beach
Are you one for the sun? Head to the beach for a girls weekend. Rent a house on the beach or hotel room and relax for a fun filled girls weekend. Have some mai tais, get your cute sun dress on, and enjoy some girl time in the sand. Bring a frisbee and volleyballs and find some friends to share in your party fun.

7.) Sporting Event
Are you an avid sports fan? Heading to a sporting event and tailgating may be the perfect party for you. You and your ladies can do a baseball game, football, basketball, hockey, etc. Maybe you even want to participate in something sporty! Take a yoga class, or take the girls golfing. There are plenty of fun sporty things to do.

8.) Kentucky Derby Theme/Race Track
Are you a fan of big obnoxious hats? Have a Kentucky Derby themed bachelorette party! Head to the race track and bet on your favorite horse. Your girls will be sure to have a good time. Someone might win big!

9.) Comedy Club
Do you love a good laugh? Comedy Clubs are always a fun time for bachelorette parties. Have some good drinks and good laughs before heading out on the town! Your abs might hurt from laughing so much; and the comedian will be sure to have some great jokes about marriage and mother in laws 🙂

10.) Psychic/Tarot Card Reader
Would you and your gals love to know what the future holds? Hire a psychic or tarot card reader to do readings at your party. This will be sure to create many fun memories!

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