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I have something amazing to tell you about, a brand new discovery that will change your life and how you live it.

What if I told you there was a place that had every item you could ever want, and you could buy any and all of it from the comfort and convenience of your computer?

Not only do they have the best selections, but they have the best prices, AND, here’s the kicker, they deliver right to your HOUSE!!  Every day can be like your birthday; you see a package, it’s addressed to you, and you get the same jittery excitement, every time you open the neatly packaged brown box.

Well guess what?  This place really exists….it’s called….AMAZON.COM……

Ok, so that was a little tongue and cheek, and unless you live in a drone-delivery free area….you’ve probably heard of Amazon before.

It’s the 300 pound gorilla in the room made of corrugated card board and that flashy packing tape that gets me excited every time I come home and catch a glimpse of it.

Need something?  Go to Amazon.

Need to check the price on something?  Go to Amazon.

Don’t feel like battling the crowds and burning hours of your day running to the store?  Go to Amazon.

And you know who else has heard of Amazon?  All of your wedding guests. (Well, except for maybe that one Uncle that thinks computers are a strategic devise used by the government to spy on us…)

But here’s something you might not have been aware of.

Did you know that Amazon now has a wedding registry?

And like you would expect from Amazon, it is the most inclusive and easiest to use.  They have the largest selection in the WORLD!

It is completely Universal.  You’re not limited to items from the Amazon website.  You can add items from ANY website, at any time.

That little boutique shop that you discovered first and has the cutest hand-crafted items?  “Click” with the Universal button, you just added it to your Amazon registry.

Never been married before and don’t know what to register for?  They have lists of what other couples register for, as well as Editors top picks.

Got a particular style you love?  You can shop by style and brand.

Didn’t get everything you wanted?  That’s okay, after your wedding, Amazon gives you their own gift….a 10% discount on select items sold and shipped by Amazon, for a savings of up to $100!!  (and if you are a Prime member, the discount is 20% with a savings of up to $200!!!!)

It’s all about convenience.  Why not make it easy for you, AND your guests, to get you the wedding gifts you really want?

 Create Your Free Amazon Wedding Registry Now!

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