Make Paris Hilton Envy Your Wedding Reception (Part One of Three)

Paris Hilton would have spent millions, but you spent under ten thousand! You even did it all without a wedding coordinator! Sound too good to be true? It is real and you can do it. This Part One of a Three Part Series is about saving money on decorations and themes without losing any luxurious ambiance.

Just look at this country chic table scape. The color combination is vibrant and interesting while each setting is a little unique yet staying in theme. The eclectic yet elegant look gives you the freedom to find more high style for less dinero. Candles, cafe lights, and any type of ambient lighting is a must for when the lights turn down low. The best part of this chosen theme is that the bride’s maiden name is Byrd.  So cute and so suave!
Beautiful wedding decor on a budget
To recreate this look don’t be afraid to hit the discount stores and local listings like craigslist for cool wedding items. Have friends and relatives chip-in to help you design and hunt. Remember to link your theme to other areas where guests will be enjoying your wedding. Bride Candice Byrd and her mom Cynthia headed up a great design! Don’t you think?

Check back for Part Two of Three on “Make Paris Hilton Envy Your Wedding Reception” which is about fabulous wedding dresses! You’re going to be the center of attention, so let your personality shine with this money-saving yet Millionairess Idea. Be sure to check back for this series on

As  a photographer and seasoned life veteran, Susan Kay has photographed and participated in some fabulous weddings! If you can’t afford a wedding coordinator, ask your photographer about what they’ve experienced through their lens! 😀

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