Sure You’re Ready For The Big Day? Here’s The True Cost Of A Wedding

True Cost Of A Wedding

The biggest, most eventful day of your life. The day that you’ve imagined for as long as you can remember. The day that finally solidifies you and your partner together as one. You’re pretty tight at the moment, but the wedding day will confirm it!


Anyone who thinks about getting married will no doubt picture every single detail of what will go on. They will think about how everything will look, how everyone will look, and just how good it will feel. Everything will have to be perfect for what will be a memorable time to be alive. These things cost money, however, and can perhaps be dearer than at first thought – when you’re caught up in the excitement of it all, you tend to get ahead of yourself. If you’re not too sure yourself about the bits and pieces that go into the big day and how much they’ll take a toll on your bank account, let’s talk a little about a few.       




The symbol and the tradition that kicks off the entire process. When you or your partner get down on one knee and propose, you’re ready to start your new life. Now, it’s become the status quo to spend a heap on the ring, and if you’re this way inclined, you’ll want it to be gorgeous! There are a bunch of places you can look on the internet to find the perfect ring if you two are looking to splash the cash. You can get engagement rings from Tacori and many other sites that specialize in getting you what you want. You’re going to be wearing it for the rest of your life, so you’re going to want to make it a good one!




You may have a little place you’ve always wanted that won’t be a problem. You may have always thought about getting married in the same place as your friends or family – that wouldn’t be too fussy. But what about if you’re thinking about doing it all abroad in a lovely place? The cost of getting yourselves there and renting the space would be expensive. What about all the guests, too?




It’s a similar thought to the wedding ring. You’re going to be heading down the aisle with lots of people watching and taking memorable photos, you’ll probably want to look good. Even if it’s not your man concern, you’ll still want to brush up a little! For the bride: you’ll want to look the most beautiful you’ve ever looked in your life, right? A lovely wedding dress isn’t cheap. The groom? I bet you want to look suave with everything made to measure. The same goes for you!


The Service


The marriage is what everyone’s here for, the main reason for the entire day. If you’re planning on adding anything else to the service then it’ll cost. Renting out a church or another venue will be somewhat dear as it is. A lot of people tend to forget about the price of a church as it’s the house of the lord! The lord has to pay bills too, you know!


The True Cost Of A Wedding


The Wedding Reception


The main party! You have gotten through the stress and little anxieties surrounding the ceremony, and you’re now man and wife! You’re probably going to want the rest of the day and the evening to be a cracker! It’s a case of finding a place to hold the reception and getting the perfect entertainment for everyone – that can quite tricky and will usually cost big bucks. Do you want it to take place in a private venue or a prominent five-star hotel dedicated to wedding parties?


When it comes to the entertainment, how will you have your first dance and the subsequent dances after? There are DJs around that you can hire as well as live bands that specialize in wedding gigs. With the greatest respect, the guests are probably going to be more excited by the party, so you’ll want to make it a good one!


The Cake!

Another big piece of the wedding that gets a lot of attention and a lot of photos is the big wedding cake! Cutting the cake together is a big part of the reception and is a big tradition. If you’re not too interested in how the tasty pastry will look, then you’re okay. But if you want a huge thing that’ll break hearts, it’ll be quite a lot of dough.  

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