Wedding Fashion Trends For 2019

Wedding Fashion Trends For 2019

A wedding is undoubtedly a place to spot and sport great fashion. 2019 seems to be an amalgamation of old and new. You have the sleek fitted, unostentatious fashion for the modern bride and groom, but you’re also likely to see a lot of the old world trends; ruffles, trends from the happening seventies full of flower power and bohemian vibes.  It’s true that a great classic never goes out of style and so is the case with wedding trends this year.

Before we talk about the dress, a point to be noted is that a bride or groom without some jewellery may be rare to find this year. You can’t go wrong with a classic like pearls. Whether you’re a guest or a member of the bridal group, this kind of jewellery can work well every time. Think tie pin or hair grip, a simple pearl ring or pearl bracelet or tiara. Pearls go beautifully with vintage silver and platinum too. It lends itself to the other pieces of jewellery, making the wedding a mix of old and new, timeless and thoughtful at the same time.

When it comes to dresses mirror work is big this year- you’ll see it add to the shimmer of a cocktail dress and sparkle up a bride even further. This embellishment goes well with light fabrics like chiffon and tulles- they create a sense of weightlessness and fluid movement. It would be safe to say that mirrors have done away with the other trend we’re used to seeing in the past few years- crystal beads and sequins. When placed correctly, mirrors weaved into thread work and embroidery can subtlely elevate an outfit.

While the wedding gown is centre stage, the 2019 bride is also likely to pay more attention to an oft-neglected area to make a splash- the sleeves. Move over regular sleeves! Now is the time for sleeves that detach (perfect for the after-party), sleeves that are draped, puffed up, sheer and pretty much everything in between. Bring in some mirrors and you have a sleeve that’s bound to draw attention.

Maybe it is the renewed love for shiny objects that makes the disco look so popular today. Imagine an evening at a discotheque from a few decades ago and you’ll understand this look. Fringe accents, metallic sheen, lame, and jumpsuits lend themselves beautifully to an informal dinner or a night out with your friends before the wedding.

That said, bridal looks are all about keeping it simple. Forget the over-the-top embellishments and think clean, simple lines that show off the bride in the best light. This is a blend of traditional and modern and works very well with this year’s simple and elegant approach. This applies to the bridal veil too. More and more brides seem to enjoy putting their own spin on this tradition.

Colours range from the old lace shade to a warm light blue. This is true for men’s fashion as well. You don’t have to stick to the white and black or the tuxedo. Greys and beiges are now passé too. Men give their clothes a pop of colour with some red and burgundy too, perhaps adding it in their cummerbund or their vest. Think bold!

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