Buying A Wedding Band For The Groom

Should I buy a wedding band for the groom?

Mens Band

When it comes to Mens Wedding Rings, you might be thinking to yourself of getting something of high quality, because you cherish him. This is totally fine, and this is what my wife thought to herself when buying my ring.


In order to make sure I liked the ring, she had me pick it out. However, some men are not so much interested IN the ring, as they are to be with YOU. Men like style, simplicity, and cheap.
The majority of men like cheap rings because they would feel way bad if they scratched, damaged, or lost their ring for any reason. Like putting his hand in a bucket of hot oil. (Yes, I lost a ring in a bucket of hot oil, and 2nd time boating at a lake)


My wife paid a hefty charge for a ring. It was silver, and I just loved the grooved designs. We ended up getting the ring at a wedding venue that had multiple vendors. She was in a tight spot and didn’t have much money, but because she loved me, she said she was willing to spend the money (Stated after we got married). I felt bad even having her pay for it.


Some couples don’t have the money to spend on rings, but if you do just remember it’s not ALL about the ring, It’s about your commitment. Even though I have my own Men’s ring online business, I still recommend that 99% do not spend more then 200 – 400 dollars on a men’s ring, unless he is very picky and cares too much about the ring (This is a good personality & life experience test).


Okay, so what did I do after loosing my ring? Well, I thought I bought an extra loss protection warranty from the jeweler, but after loosing my ring it became hectic trying to get a replacement. It even took them 3 weeks just to get it in the mail after calling about the replacement costs. Lets just say the customer experience was negative.


Now, not all ring buying experiences are going to be negative. Actually, this is what sparked my interest in starting my own business, because I had plenty of customer service and business experience. I thought, “How could a company like this start, or stay in business”?


My goal when starting OneCharmingEvent was to focus on customer service, and helping customers with their 2nd or 3rd time, if they lost the original ring. I have a goal to dramatically drop the price, so I don’t make any money, but now the customer is happy. This is the secret to Business, “Customer Service!”. If the Jeweler I bought my ring from said to only cover the costs for the ring… I would literally go out of my way to refer this company on my social media, and/or relatives. Heck, I would buy all my stuff from the same company if they sold more.


Now, I strive to grow as a local small business. I invite you to visit my online store at… Now I have decided to cut my prices to accommodate you as a customer. I sell the same rings for a fraction of the cost my jeweler had us pay. I am looking for your business and lifetime devotion.


We sell Tungsten, Titanium, Silicone, & lots more! I will have to write more about the benefits and negatives of each type.
One Charming Events


I hope you enjoyed this post, and please don’t forget to refer anyone you know to
Signed, Cody Limb

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