Finding Your Perfect Diamond Shape

As a stone synonymous with class, grace, and sparkle, the diamond has become the go-to choice for many searching for engagement rings (as well as other pieces for gorgeous, uplifting everyday wear!). This means that the specific shape of the diamonds themselves has become the metric for set apart style.

Some even believe that the shape of the diamond chosen by the wearer is indicative of its owner’s personality. Before you invest in diamond jewelry, it’s a good idea to do some research on basic diamond shapes—and what they mean. Let’s dive in!

The Five Most Popular Diamond Shapes (& How to Spot Them)

Not sure where to start in your search for the perfect ring? Don’t worry, here are some of the most common (and gorgeous!) diamond ring shapes and how to spot them. 

1. Round

Round diamonds are among the most popular diamond shapes —and with good reason. They are very deliberately sculpted to allow for maximum sparkle as a result of the way that the facets making up the interior of your diamond are displayed! 

Since this is such a classic shape, the round diamond often feels elegant and exudes a traditional sense of simplicity. With a round diamond on your finger, you’ll be sporting a timeless look that will never fail to elicit envious stares.

2. Princess 

Offering a very similar feeling of a brilliant round cut diamond, the princess shape is engineered for optimum visual effect. With ramrod-straight precision-cut square edges, the princess diamond is thought to be an exciting, dramatic shape. 

If you’re looking for a diamond to suit a hopeless romantic who likes a bit of flash and fanfare, you’ll find no stone more appropriate than a princess-shaped diamond.

3. Oval

Oval diamonds offer a similar shape to the round-cut diamond. However, the oval cut is a less commonly chosen style with just enough of a distinctive twist to draw in fans of both the eclectic and traditional. 

The owners of such rings are usually looking for individualism and something that will make them stand out from the crowd. Oval-shaped diamonds are associated with creativity and a fun, unique personality.

4. Cushion

This shape is a bridge between classic and modern trends. The cushion is a fantastic midpoint between the dramatic, unreserved shape of the princess and the traditional beauty of the round. 

With its gently rectangular shape featuring rounded, softened edges, the cushion-shaped diamond is an ode to diplomacy and compromise. For this reason, cushion diamonds have traditionally been a choice of royal families all over the globe for their wedding ceremonies!

5. Pear

If you can’t choose between a round brilliant and something more audacious. The pear, which some refer to as a mixture of round and marquise, feels adventurous and bold while remaining suitable for everyday wear. 

The go-to choice of many recently-wed celebrities, the pear is a choice that will stand out. However, it is also classic enough to maintain its elegance throughout the years.

6. Marquise 

The fun younger sibling of many of the more traditional types of diamond shapes, the marquise-shaped diamond is similar to the oval, but with a bit more of an edge. With a round sparkly center and two points on either side, the marquise “eye” shape was a favorite of the French aristocracy. Choose this stone for a dash of glitz and glamor that can’t be matched.

Choose a Lab-Grown Diamond

While you can never go wrong choosing a diamond for your next gem, it’s important to understand all of your options. A natural diamond is a fine choice, but it often overshadows its ethically sourced sister option: a lab-grown diamond

Lab-grown diamonds are affordable and ethically sourced. Not to mention, they are chemically, physically, and optically the same as mined diamonds.. You can choose your lab-grown diamond based on the 4 C’s to suit your needs. 

It’s essential to research all your options when choosing an engagement ring, with lab-grown diamonds — the choice is all yours!

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