How to Be The Perfect Maid of Honor in 2020

Maid of Honor

From the outside, weddings look perfect, but for family members and friends close to the bride and groom, there is a lot of pre-wedding planning, stress, emotional instabilities, and sometimes drama. However, for the wedding to seem flawless, the maid of honor has to handle any and every issue that crops up. If you’ve been asked to be the maid of honor, know that it’s a very honorable role, but it comes with great responsibilities.

You have certain duties that must be fulfilled before, during, and after the wedding. Your main duty is to help the bride have her dream wedding and prevent emotional meltdowns. As the maid of honor, you’ll be responsible for planning the wedding according to the bride’s preference, picking the dress, preventing or reducing tension, and ensuring that everything goes according to plan. If you don’t know what should be done and what your duties are, here’s how you can be the perfect maid of honor. 

Talk To the Bride

Once you’ve been chosen to be the maid of honor, sit and talk to the bride-to-be about her expectations, budget, and wedding theme. Knowing all of these things will help you better understand what your best friend wants and what should be done to achieve it. Even if she’s hiring a wedding planner, your job is to ensure that everything goes according to plan. You’ll be the one communicating with the wedding planner, and together you’ll create the bride’s dream wedding. In case the bride is lost on what colors to choose or the theme to follow, you have to help her decide by asking the right questions. Listen to the bride’s ideas and offer suggestions based on her personality.

Plan the Bachelorette 

Another important duty for the maid of honor is to plan an unforgettable bachelorette party. Of course, you will work alongside the bridesmaids, but most of the preparations will be on you. You will be responsible for picking the ideal location, a theme, the date, ordering the decorations, and organizing gift bags. The writers from Modern MOH state that the bachelorette is the main highlight as a maid of honor, and you must ensure that the bride and all the guests have the greatest fun. However, consult the bride-to-be in everything that concerns the bachelorette party. Knowing the location will be based on the bride’s preference of whether she wants to travel or not; the same applies to the theme. 

Shopping and Fitting 

Every time your bestie decides to go wedding dress shopping or fitting, you have to be there. Shopping with the bride and attending all fittings will provide the bride-to-be the support she needs, and she’ll have someone to consult about the dresses. Even if the bride didn’t ask you to attend fittings, you should offer and insist on going with her. It will be a fun and meaningful experience that you both will enjoy. It’s also important to be there when choosing bridesmaid dresses. To be the perfect maid of honor, you have to make sure that all bridesmaids have ordered the dresses and accessories and will arrive before the wedding. If you want to go the extra mile, you can help book and confirm makeup and hair appointments for the bridesmaids. 

Be supportive 

The perfect maid of honor is the supportive one that reduces or prevents stress, tension, and drama throughout the planning process and during the wedding. Planning a wedding is usually very  stressful for brides-to-be, and many meltdown days or hours before the wedding day. Your job is to prevent that and ensure that your bestie always finds you by her side when she needs emotional support. Every bride needs someone to lean on throughout the planning process; your main duty is to be that someone. 

Stick to the Plan 

On the wedding day, there will be a lot of stress and tension. As a maid of honor, you must not let anything hold you back from sticking to the plan and keeping an eye on the clock. If an unexpected event occurs, you must handle it to the best of your ability without informing the bride. Plan everything ahead and ensure that everyone is where they need to be. When planning the wedding add additional time for handling unexpected situations without going off-plan. 

Maid of Honor

Being the maid of honor is such an honorable and fun experience that not many people experience. However, it comes with great responsibilities. You’re the bride’s right hand; if she needs someone to lean on, a listener, or someone to consult, that should be you. To be the perfect maid of honor, be available at all times to attend shopping, fittings, and wedding-related events with the bride-to-be. Most importantly, provide emotional support whenever the bride needs it. 

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