Wedding Ideas

What Does an Officiant Do?

An officiant, or celebrant, is responsible for: 1. creating your ceremony 2. getting the marriage license signed and mailed and 3. performing your ceremony. Some questions to ask a prospective officiant include: who are you ordained by; is it legal for you to perform marriages in my State; and do you have back-up available in […]

Top 10 Most Forgotten Wedding Accessories!

With so much wedding planning to do it is easy to forget something along the way. The Wedding Outlet wants to make sure you don’t find yourself without important wedding accessories on your wedding day. Whether it’s your sand ceremony set or your toasting glasses, couple’s often forget key accessories for both the wedding ceremony […]

DIY Wedding Flowers

Do-it- yourself wedding flowers can be a huge job to take on, as most of the work takes place so close to the wedding. However, you can also save a lot of money. At An Elegant Encounter, we’re sharing some of our best floral prep secrets, so your flowers will be almost as gorgeous as the bride. […]

That’s what friends are for….(telling you about the latest wedding trends and discounts!)

You and I are friends, right? Not in the Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston kinda way, but friends none the less. We message each other on social media, we laugh together…(hopefully with me,… not AT me, right? Because sometimes I feel like a baseball player hitting a sacrifice fly, and I’m putting myself out there). […]

Wedding Traditions and Superstitions from All Over the World

Here is a great infographic of 21 wedding traditions and superstitions from the U.S. and beyond! Some will be familiar and some will not. Which ones will you follow?!? Created by

The Universal Wedding Registry: Simplified but Superior

The whole point of a wedding is to celebrate the start of the rest of your life with the love of your life. This big day allows you to show everyone important to you just exactly who you and your loved one are, together. As eager as you are to give them a glimpse of […]

The 5 Must ­Know Secrets to Managing Guests on Your Wedding Day!

It is no secret these days, that wedding planning is hard work. Together you spend months planning and put dozens of resources into the culmination of your one special day. But one of the most forgotten details of the entire wedding day, is often, one of the things that can either make or break it. […]

Bride Pops The Big Question

Weddings are a big deal. There are a lot of steps, stages and events leading up to the big day. For example: Step one- the Proposal. Gotta get everyone on board with this marriage, right? You have a big gesture planned out, and it blows up in your face (sometimes literally).  Occasionally things just don’t […]

The Best Moments to Capture During Your Big Day

A Guide to the Top 5 Photo Booth Styles

Photo booths have developed and evolved since the passport booths and navy snapshots sent home to loved ones. Now, there are so many variations on the traditional photo booth that it can become confusing. To help avoid that confusion, here is a brief guide to some of the many types of photo booths, and what […]

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