5 Pieces of Wellness Advice all Brides Should Follow

Wedding Wellness

As your wedding day approaches, you are probably facing a wide variety of emotions. Even though you are looking forward to your “special day,” you also may be stressed thinking of all the work that needs to be completed, so the event goes off without a hitch. Besides worrying about the logistics of showing up to hair appointments and having someone meeting the caterers, you are also dealing with the emotional side of such a life-changing event.

Even though your mother is probably telling you this same thing, maybe reading it on a computer or phone screen will solidify this bit of advice in your mind: “Calm down. It will all be fine.” Regardless if it rains on your wedding day or you put the ring on the wrong finger during the ceremony, you will be married at the end of the event.

To make yourself feel better, consider this list of tips to follow as you approach your wedding day. Some of these tips will advise you on the health benefits you could enjoy from natural supplements, which will ensure you are glowing on your special day. Other advice will probably remind you of the words of your mother or grandmother. 

Get plenty of sleep.

Yes, your mother has probably been telling you this for years, but it is true. Even though you will probably enjoy a bachelorette party and wedding showers that go until the wee hours of the morning, try to plan those weeks before your wedding. Sleep is restorative. No beauty products or natural supplements will be able to make you look as fresh as you would following week’s worth of adequate rest.

Participate in a cleanse.

At least 30 days before your wedding, start a detox program. No matter how well you eat and drink, toxins can build up in your body. These toxins can wreak havoc on your digestive system and cause you to feel sluggish and bloated. 

Look for an easy-to-use system that includes a mixture of green or oolong tea and other natural supplements such as ginger and hawthorn berry. Teas are full of antioxidants, and hawthorn berries work as anti-inflammatories. 

Don’t feel as if you can start a detox program a couple of days before your wedding. You may not see or feel a difference overnight. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water (instead of martinis and wine) during your detox too.

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Evaluate the condition of your skin.

As soon as you set a date for the wedding, take a good, hard look at your skin. If you have always suffered from acne, or if you have redness from old acne scars, start a skin-care program immediately. Skin is not rejuvenated overnight. 

If you are detoxing the inside of your body, you should detox your skin as well. Find a matcha tea detox mask to pull the impurities out of your pores. Detox masks should be used two or three times a week, but you may also want to add an exfoliator to your skin-care routine as well.

Since masks and exfoliators may tend to dry out your skin, it is imperative that you use a facial moisturizer too. Apparently, the oil found in jojoba seeds is similar to our own skin’s natural oil. Make sure you find the perfect combination of an exfoliator and moisturizer that will work for your unique skin type. This, of course, should be done well before your wedding date.

Wedding Wellness

Don’t worry about things out of your control.

You may have your wedding week scheduled down to the minute. You may have backup plans for seemingly everything that could go wrong. You may follow a strict diet and health regiment to make sure you look your best for your wedding pictures. 

But some things are out of your control. Even though you would like to be able to, you can’t control other people’s feelings, emotions, and actions. If important people in your life aren’t willing or able to provide you the support you need during this time, you will have to find that support from your future spouse. 

Wedding Wellness

Enjoy your day.

Have fun at your wedding. Take time to talk and laugh with everyone. Enjoy the buffet and eat a piece of cake. Don’t overdo it on the alcohol. 

If you know that you can’t control others in your life that will free you up to focus on your new life with your spouse.

You may look and feel so good from following this advice that it will turn into your new lifestyle. Feel fresh and glowing all the time!

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