5 Questions to Ask Before You Have Your Wedding Dress Preserved

Wedding Gown Preservation

After you ask these 5 questions you’ll know how to get the best wedding gown
preservation available.

Your wedding dress is too precious to just have it preserved in any old  place.
So let’s ask some questions.

#1. How much do you charge to preserve my wedding gown?

You’ll find prices  vary  partly based on the service and techniques used and partly on the built in
“profit” for the retailer. Some brides purchase what they thought was proper
wedding gown preservation only to find out that the “kit” they received is a “do
it yourself” box and tissue paper. Prices below $100 are for the box and tissue
paper do it yourself kit. Actual prices should range from $120 – $150. Paying
more than that is for either add-on services that are unnecessary, or just plain
greed on behalf of the retailer. You can find several retailers online with
reasonable prices.

#2. What is the exact process for removing stains in my dress?

You want to  find  a company that specializes in wedding gown preservation and has a specific
process to do the job. Look for a company that hand cleans the hem and the top
of the bodice of the dress. These two areas will show the most dirt and stains.
The hem can be black with dirt. The top of the bodice can have make-up,
deodorant, body oil stains. These are critical area that should have special
attention and be hand cleaned. Other stains need to be identified and removed by
a skilled service person. How do they identify these stains, do they rely on you
to mark and identify them or do they hand inspect your dress. Do they use a
black light to detect colorless stains made from white wine, soda, cake frosting
or other items?

#3. Is your wedding gown going to be cleaned separately?

Most dry-cleaners  will just throw your dress in with the rest of their dry-cleaning batches. That
means it could be in with dresses, suits, shirts and other colored items. You
want your dress cleaned all by itself, individually.

#4. Does the cleaning process use “perc” – the most common dry-cleaning
solution used?

Perc is highly toxic, harmful to the environment, and harsh on
the delicate bridal fabrics. Try to find a company that uses an alternate to
perc. There are new, more expensive, cleaning solutions that work as well as
perc for cleaning but are also environmental friendly.

#5. Does the company seal your gown in the preservation box?

Some companies  do not seal their preservation boxes. This allows moisture to get into the box  and
as the seasons change the moisture in your dress can change, which can be
damaging to the fabric over time. Also insects can get into the box – no mater
how tightly the box is shut. Earwigs, carpet beetles, and pill bugs would all
love to make their nest in your dress. Your dress is secured in the preservation
box so it doesn’t slide around or all bunch in the bottom. When you open these
un-sealed boxes to examine your dress you will have to break these secured ties
to take it out of the box. This will void the guarantee. A sealed box protects
your dress from moisture and from insects. If you break the seal and open the
box you will void the guarantee.

With the proper answers to these 5 questions you’ll be able to choose the  best
wedding gown preservation company. And when you have your gown preserved  you
have those same cherished memories for a lifetime.

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