5 Tips for Making Your Own Wedding Bouquet with Orchids

Planning a wedding is tough enough, without having the additional burden of limited

funds. Making your own floral arrangements for your special day isn’t just economical

though; it can also be a lot of fun! You get to decide the theme, and you get to accept all

the compliments for your hard work.

Words of advice:

Before you get started on your wedding floral arrangements, it is important to keep two

things in mind; first, that it may not look as sophisticated since you are not hiring a

professional designer to do the job, and second, that while you will get your flowers at a

wholesaler price, the task of putting together everything is quite time consuming. Once

you are aware of this though and prepared for it, the effort can be quite fulfilling.

The all-important bridal bouquet:

As a bride-to-be, your primary focus will obviously be on the bridal bouquet.  The right

bouquet can enhance your wedding gown, and you can be sure that it will garner plenty

of admiration as you glide down the aisle. When choosing flowers you will have to take

into account the time of year and your personality. Current trends and colors also


The obvious choice: orchids

Besides being elegant and fragrant, orchids are delicate, yet strong and full of color.

There are over 30,000 varieties, but those most commonly used are Dendrobium,

cymbidium, and vanilla orchids. While some orchids are smaller than the head of a pin,

others are as big as an Easter lily. This makes them a flexible choice. No matter what

sizes or colors you need, there is an orchid waiting to fill that role in your bouquet.

Check out this New York wedding at Style Me Pretty to see a beautiful white orchid

bridal bouquet, along with purple orchid wedding reception centerpieces that will take

your breath away!

Getting started: 5 tips for a do-it-yourself bridal bouquet:

1. Items and equipment that are necessary – Once you know the concept of your

orchid bridal bouquet ensure that you have all the tools (like floral tape, pins,

scissors, ribbons, foam, etc.) handy before you start. Many flowers wilt quickly,

so you will probably need to craft your bouquet the day before your wedding

2. Be smart at the flower mart – If you are a control freak, then it is a good thing to

go flower shopping alone, but if you are the kind who cannot make up her mind

despite having a solid idea, it is best that you take someone close to you who can

provide you with suggestions that will fit your wedding theme and personality.

3. Understanding your flowers – Because of their fragility, some patience and

gentleness are necessary when working orchids into your bridal bouquet.  It is

advisable to use sharp shears and carefully choose the flowers to snip. Make

sure that the orchids are not torn or broken.

4. Trial test it – Since you are not a professional, it makes sense to practice putting

together your orchid bridal bouquet in advance so that you know how they will

hold up on the main day.  It’s an extra expense, but it is worth it to get

everything right.  Plus, just think how much less stressed you will be since you

know what you are doing when you make your real bouquet.

5. Bridal helpers – Enlist the help of all your friends and relatives, and turn the event

into a mini-party!  Everyone does their bit (with some chaos) but the end result

will be so much more satisfying than hiring a professional.

Now you know why orchids are such an exquisite choice for your bridal bouquet and

what basic steps you need to follow to ensure that you create a perfect bouquet for

your own wedding.  It’s a lot of work, however be patient and you will see spectacular

results.  Share the work with family and friends, and you will have a great time along the



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