5 Wedding Planning Tips for Future Newlyweds (For Both Wedding And Honeymoon!)

It has finally happened; you are finally engaged to that one person who sets your soul on fire every time you lay eyes on them. Congratulations!

Planning the rest of your life with your soon-to-be spouse is exciting indeed, but there is that one elephant in the room you cannot ignore forever, planning your wedding and honeymoon.

It’s no secret, it is a big, stressful and overwhelming task to plan a wedding and honeymoon. But, we have compiled a guide with straightforward wedding planning tips for newlyweds to make planning for your big day and honeymoon feel like a special moment.

1.   Set A Wedding Budget

The first thing you must tackle when you start planning your wedding is to set a budget and stick to it, as it will be the driving factor for many of your wedding-related decisions. Setting a budget can be stressful, but try looking at it as an exercise in making wise financial decisions.

So, here’s what you need to do;

·       Build a registry and get clear contributions from others

Will your parents or your favorite aunt be helping with the wedding? Or will a generous friend pay for your wedding photographer as part of their wedding gift? Get clarity on how much they will contribute so you can add it to your overall budget.

·   Look at your savings

How much have you saved and how much are you willing to put towards your wedding? Take note of this from the onset and try to stick to it.

·   Start saving now

How much you will be able to set aside towards your budget depends on your wedding date. Other couples will choose to reduce their monthly spending, namely a few lunches out, canceling barely used streaming services, and put those savings into the wedding account.

·   Add it all up

Add all those numbers up and you should have a rough estimate of your budget.

Keep in mind that you do not have to spend the final figure of your budget. You can choose a lower-cost wedding and channel that money towards your honeymoon or set it aside as a nest egg for married life.

Pro tip

To mitigate any chance of going over budget, you need to create a comprehensive budget spreadsheet and add a 5-10% buffer to cover any unexpected expenses.

It should include a list of every major service, fee, and potential expense. This is not a quick task but it is essential if you want a realistic look at how much your wedding will cost.

2.  Organize backup and be stress-free

The most important step, when it comes to the wedding planning process, is realising you and your partner cannot do everything alone. There are too many details and intricacies to take care of, so feel free to delegate when and where you need it.

There are a few options you can consider:

·   Hire a wedding planner

When you hire a wedding event planner, they will take care of a majority of tasks on your wedding checklist, namely the décor, venue selection, wedding music, wedding dress ideas that match your style and much more.

But, you do not have to choose a full-service as you can opt for partial-service planners or a day-off coordinator. So, consider your options for a wedding coordinator and choose what is best for you.

You can choose the stress-free option and check out paradiseweddings.com. They have a dedicated team of award-winning destination wedding planners who will bring your dream wedding to life.

·   Take a moment to ask family and friends for help

It is okay to seek help from your family and friends if you do not have the budget for a planner, but do not lean on a single person too heavily. Keep in mind they have work and their day-to-day lives to manage.

·   Use technology and resources

There are plenty of free wedding planning apps that you can use to stay organized and relaxed throughout the process. While downloading them, check out some top wedding planning books and also follow wedding experts on social media.

Pro tip

Do not reinvent the wheel when completing any wedding-related task. Rather use pre-made checklists and design templates to help ease the load and save yourself the headache of learning new skills.

3.  Choose The Wedding Theme, Décor and Details

You do not need a theme if you opt for a Justice of the Peace wedding followed by a dinner for one or two dozen of your closest family and friends. It is more of a celebration and all that is required is good food, drinks and loved ones on hand.

But, if you have dreamt of a theme that will add to the magic and fun for you and your guests, here are some themes with matching décor and color ideas:

·   Romantic venue

Big flowers, ribbons made from satin, soft lighting with hues in pink, white and pastel.

·   Formal

A formal wedding is accompanied, typically, by a black tie dress code with the bride in a traditional wedding gown. This type of wedding includes elegant paper invites, a multi-course sit-down feast, string quartet nestled in opulent settings.

·   Rustic wedding style

Integrate a touch of rustic charm to your wedding to achieve that traditional wedding style with a laid-back atmosphere.

·   Nature-inspired wedding day

There may be rustic elements in this type of theme, but including botanical elements will take it to another level. Some real couples who choose a nature-inspired wedding theme always ensure that every aspect of their wedding is eco-friendly.

Pro tip

When it comes to bringing your wedding theme to life, you must remember that your venue will do a lot of heavy lifting. So, to determine your key décor options, make use of the architecture, wall colors and layout. Also, keep in mind that not every aspect of your wedding needs to be DIY and themed decorations are a wise choice.

4.  Build a registry of your guest list

Creating a guest list for a small wedding will be different than when choosing who you will invite to a larger one. To keep things smooth, here are some useful tips:

·    Create a list of people you want to invite even if they live in another country or they are not well acquainted with your partner.

·    Use a wedding planning app or spreadsheet to track your guest names.

·    Manage your guest requests from family by only inviting a few people your parents would love to attend your wedding while also keeping the number reasonable.

·    Organize your list into two (2) categories, A and B. Category A will include the names of family and close friends you want at your wedding. Category B will include extended family, colleagues or casual acquaintances you like to share your wedding day with, but it would not be a train smash if they do not attend. Take a break from category B and come back to it to narrow it down to a figure that will fit the wedding size.

Pro tip

Going through your phone contact list, including those you follow or interact with on your social media platforms, is a great way of sorting out who you want to invite. If you want them at your wedding, you will at least have their phone number or Instagram handle.

5.  Choose Your Wedding Venue And Set The Date

After you’ve set a wedding budget, brought in backup, chosen the wedding theme and décor, and finalized your list, the last thing is choosing your wedding venue and setting the date.

The wedding venue that you choose will have an impact on where the reception and other wedding events will be held. Some wedding venues, such as a place of worship, may only be ceremony-centric, while others offer both a ceremony and reception space.

Pro tip

If you intend to have live music at your ceremony, ensure that your wedding venue is not located in an area with strict noise ordinances in place. Additionally, consider any sound issues that can interrupt your wedding ceremony, namely nearby roads, gun ranges, etc.

Now that you have planned your dream wedding like a pro, it is time to plan your honeymoon. Below are four (4) brilliant honeymoon planning tips for newlyweds. 

·  Use a travel agent in 2024

Do not be afraid to use the services of a travel agent as they can save you a large amount of time organizing and planning your honeymoon.

Chat with a few travel agents to get an idea of prices and how they approach honeymoons. They know their stuff and they will find you the perfect destination you have probably not considered.

If you do not want to use a travel agent, check out Sandals Resorts 777 Deals. Our travel experts have handpicked the most idyllic destinations and accommodations across the world and packaged them in budget-friendly deals to ensure you have your dream honeymoon.

·  Set your budget

It might not sound romantic to work on your honeymoon budget, but it’s to ensure the costs do not spiral out of control.

So, set your budget but do not make it too strict. Splurge a little without putting yourselves in debt and opt to spend money on things you deem to be a treat.

·  Let the hotel know that it’s your honeymoon

Many people tend to neglect this step because they believe when they mention they are on their honeymoon, they will be charged through the nose. Most often, the opposite is true.

If you call your hotel beforehand and inform them you are coming there on your honeymoon, they may do a few things to make your stay extra special and romantic without charging you extra.

It will be worth your while to ask them if they offer any honeymoon deals or packages.

·  If you are not ready for it, put it on hold

It is not cast in stone that you must go on your honeymoon straight after the wedding. Most couples opt to wait instead.

There are many reasons for not immediately going on your honeymoon, such as lack of time or most commonly, the money is not available.

If you do not have the time or cannot afford to go on the perfect honeymoon, wait until you can. The best thing about taking plenty of time to plan your honeymoon is that it will be more enjoyable and needed when the time comes.

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