8 Useful Tips for Planning a Snowy Wedding

8 Useful Tips for Planning a Snowy Wedding

There is nothing like a snowy wedding. Seeing a sea of white as you arrive at the venue gives you an unexplainable feeling of awe and calmness. A snowy union has a different magic that makes you want to relive the moments even after years. 

So, if you have set your mind and heart on a snowy wedding, read these wedding tips for a successful celebration. 

What Does Snow Mean on a Wedding Day?

One reason to encourage you to have a snowy celebration is the meaning of snow on a wedding day. According to wedding folklore, snow symbolizes fertility and prosperity for the couple. 

What are Simple Tips for Planning a Snowy Wedding?

Achieve a chic cold-weather ethereal affair with these simple tips.

Tip 1: Choose the Perfect Venue

The focal point of your snowy wedding is the magical location. You will want to celebrate in a venue that encapsulates the spirit of a winter wonderland, such as a holiday ski chalet. If you can brave the storm for a couple of hours, you can consider exchanging vows outside a rustic barn. 

Tip 1 Choose the Perfect Venue

Tip 2: Be Open to a Possible Change of Date / Time

No wedding couple wants to change a set date or push a designated time. But, when a snowy day turns into a weather disturbance, safety should come first. The couple might need to push the wedding time and or date to later.

Tip 3: Plan Ahead

Compared to other seasons, a winter wedding is tricky. So, planning earlier than usual is the key to a snowy wedding. 

You can consider a more extended ceremony if the snow is not heavy. Otherwise, a short yet sweet exchange of vows will do. 

After the ceremony comes the party. Whether a romantic and intimate dinner will follow or something else, it’s up to you! Since you are already in a winter-centric location, you may plan for some snowy activities. Part of the planning will be the safety of the guests.

Tip 3 Plan Ahead

Tip 4: Source Your Vendors

Being in a beautiful location can save you money from having an extensive wedding set-up. You can opt for a minimalist design or focus the decorations on the specific place where you will exchange your vows. 

The stunning venue will also allow you to give a considerable chunk of your budget to a photographer. You would want someone to capture every moment of your day. And later on, relive those moments.


If you are looking for a vendor for your bridal party, you can check out Cicinia for black bridesmaid dresses. Black is a good match for an all-white scenery. You can cover up if it gets too chilly.

Tip 5: Choose Ice-ready Attire and Accessories

As a bride, you will want to wear a wedding dress that matches the snowy weather. You can be warm while looking chic with a shearling or faux fur shrug. Choose also a pair of shoes whose heels will not pierce the soft snow. Or else you’ll lose balance. 

Tip 6: Provide Heat

Help your guests stay warm and keep their energy for the all-night party by providing heat. The typical tents and barns might not be able to provide the needed warmth. So, one thing you should add to your wedding checklist is a heater (or heaters).

Another way to comfort your guests at a snowy wedding is by serving hot drinks. 

Tip 7: Balance the Number of Indoor and Outdoor Photos

Snow rarely comes. So, it is normal for you to take the chance to snap as many photos as you can. But despite the beauty of snow, you might want to stop yourself from taking all photos outdoors. You will end up with pink cheeks and noses in all images, which you might not like later. Talk to your photographer about taking some of your first looks and portraits inside.

Tip 7 Balance the Number of Indoor and Outdoor Photos

Tip 8: Have a Backup Plan (Or two)

Snowy weddings are riskier compared to other seasonal weddings. You can expect travel delays for guests and supplies. Reserve a low-cost backup venue if the weather gets bad. 

Some guests take notable roles during the ceremony or reception. Since there is a possibility of flight delays, assign someone else ahead to be a backup. Be prepared for the what-ifs.


A snowy wedding has many representations of love. You can expect a warm fireplace, a snow-covered landscape, and a cosy and chic fashion. No question, it can be a magical season for your big day. 

While the winter season presents many advantages, a couple will need extensive planning. They will need an even more detailed backup master plan.

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