A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

The wedding venue provides the enchanting backdrop for your dreamy start to the new chapter of your life. It’s the place where all your closest family members and friends will gather to celebrate your sacred union with the love of your life. The wedding venue will eventually transition from your daydreams to your memories. 

Selecting the venue is an important decision in the wedding planning process. It will impact many other aspects of your wedding. The comfort and experience of your wedding guests will depend on your venue. You need to pick your venue very carefully keeping all your requirements in mind. 

Locking the perfect venue is like completing half of your wedding preparation, especially if it includes all necessary services. Once you find your perfect wedding venue, other preparation tasks might also become easier. The right venue will help bring your wedding vision to life. This guide will offer clarity on the process of choosing your perfect wedding venue.

Start Early

Ideally, you should start scouting for a venue as early as possible. People book wedding venues nearly a year in advance. You don’t want to miss out on a great venue just because someone else got to it first. You’re also likely to get a much better deal if you’re early. Starting the hunt early also allows you to explore more options and make a better decision. The sooner you finalize a venue, the better. It will allow you to proceed with other preparations without undue stress. 

What comes first – fixing the date or choosing the venue?

This depends on you and your partner. Do you have your heart set on marrying on a certain date? If yes, then you’ll find your choices limited by venue availability on that date. If the venue matters more, and you have some flexibility with your date, you’ll likely have more venue options.

The method of proceeding will be a little different in the two cases. In the first case, you’ll take the available venue that appeals to you and decorate it to fit your vision. In the second case, you’ll scrutinize the venue options and select only the one that ticks all the boxes.

Venues are likely to be busier on some dates and in specific months than others. For instance, palindromic dates such as 4/20/24 form popular wedding date choices. Outdoor venues are typically more in demand during Spring and Fall. 

The wedding date is an important factor to consider when exploring venue options. If you want to get married on a special date, you might have to be more flexible with the venue and maybe the budget too. Look for wedding venues with budget-friendly prices that are available on your selected date. A quick call to the venue management can get you the required information regarding availability. 

The Wedding Budget 

Start with at least a preliminary draft of your budget. When looking at wedding venue options, you’ll know immediately whether it fits into your budget or it’s going to throw your budget off. If it’s an all-inclusive wedding venue, be prepared to allocate half of your budget to the venue. 

A venue that does not include all services should not exceed 25 percent of your budget. This type of venue might actually be a better option since you can get external vendors who provide much better quality at more reasonable rates. You might also get the advantage of lower-cost and better alternatives, such as dessert tables or packed sweets instead of traditional multi-tiered cakes. For instance, Harbor Sweets in their pretty packaging make perfect wedding favors and provide an alternative to traditional desserts. You’ll be able to get a much better venue if you manage the other aspects by yourself or with the aid of your wedding planner. 

Having a good idea of your wedding budget will prevent you from getting carried away. It will also help you narrow down your venue options. The wedding budget will act like a compass, guiding you in the right direction during your hunt for the right wedding venue. 

Assess Your Requirements

Take some time and sit down with your partner as well as the wedding planner, and discuss your wedding ideas and requirements. Consider these factors:

Guest Count and Capacity

Before you start hunting for the ideal venue, you need to prepare your guest list, or at least have a good idea of the expected guest count. How can you determine what size venue you’ll need, if you don’t know how many guests you’ll have to accommodate? 

You’ll need to find a venue with the right capacity for your guests to be comfortable and for the celebrations to have a warm, welcoming atmosphere. A huge and spacious venue with very few guests will give off a cold and empty vibe. The venue should also not be so small that when all the guests arrive, it starts to feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Ensure that the venue has ample space for the tables, seating arrangements, dancing, and moving around. 

Vision, Theme, and Desired Ambiance

Prepare a wedding mood board, so that you have a better idea of the aesthetic you want. A wedding board will also help you bring everything together cohesively under your theme. Some venues apply better to certain themes than others. For instance, for an enchanted forest theme, gardens in full bloom would be perfect. The historical charm of a palace would apply beautifully to a royal or vintage theme or even a fairytale wedding. If you choose a venue that does not tie into your theme with its current existing features, you’ll have to spend extra on decor. Or, if a venue has enraptured you, but it clashes with your theme, you could consider changing the theme.

Criteria Based on Priorities

Think about the priorities related to your ceremony and celebrations, and make a list of criteria. This list will help you assess the venue options to determine suitability. If for instance, you want your fur baby to be a part of your wedding, and this is non-negotiable with you, you should eliminate the venue options that do not allow pets. 

Location Matters

Take into consideration the location of the prospective wedding venue. Even if the place is a little remote, the area should feel safe, and it should be easy for your guests to reach the venue with a few simple instructions. Make sure that the wedding venue is easy to reach through multiple transportation options. In some cases, the venue management provides transportation from the accommodation to the venue for the wedding party. 

Visit the venue, and check the accessibility for guests. Make sure that the venue has the infrastructural facilities required for the comfort of your disabled and elderly guests, such as ramps for wheelchairs and special washrooms. If part of your celebrations are going to be on a higher floor, ensure that the venue has functioning elevators. Taking care of these little things will help everyone have a good time at your wedding, and that’s the real end goal. 

See if the prospective venue has proper parking arrangements. You don’t want your guests to keep going around looking for parking spots; that’s bound to affect their experience negatively, and in the case of VIP guests, it may cause unnecessary delays in the wedding proceedings. A little forethought and thorough preparation can help. 

The chosen venue should ideally have scenic surroundings that make for wonderful photo opportunities. If you’re opting for an outdoor venue, ensure that the venue management is prepared for weather contingencies. Ask relevant questions to the venue management and obtain clarification on any doubtful matters before you finalize the venue.

Check Venue Restrictions and Policies

Venue restrictions and policies will play an important role in shaping your wedding celebrations. Read the fine print thoroughly before you sign the contract. The policies, terms, and conditions will determine what you can and cannot do at the venue. You don’t want to unintentionally violate any terms and conditions on your special day. Wedding venues might have certain limitations or regulations regarding the music volume, end time of the event, serving alcohol, and decor. Learning about these beforehand is better than coming across unpleasant surprises or disappointments later. 

Take a Look at the Reviews

Check reviews of the prospective venues on websites, forums, and social media. The reviews will give you a good idea of what to expect from the venue and the staff. However, do keep in mind that the experience of other couples also depends on their expectations and other factors. Weigh the pros and cons of the different venues before making your final decision. 

Wrapping Up

When you get your perfect venue, you’re nearly done with half your wedding preparations. Getting the perfect venue is not difficult, you just need to carefully consider all factors and move ahead with some flexibility. Make a note of the points in this guide, and go find the venue that feels right to you and your special one. The right venue will set the stage for memorable moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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