Are You Ready For Your Alterations?

Did you know you had to prepare for your bridal gown alterations? Well, you do. Preparations are necessary to make sure your alterations proceed smoothly and efficiently. Just a few easy steps will get you ready to see your seamstress.

Step 1- You need to have the shoes and undergarments that you plan to wear your wedding day at your first and every alterations appointment. Undergarments affect the fit of the gown, and both undergarments and heel height affect your hem, or dress length. If at any time after the first fitting with your seamstress you decide to change your shoes or undergarments, tell your seamstress immediately. She may need to change her measurements. Be prepared to schedule another fitting appointment if your seamstress feels it is necessary to adjust her work.

Step 2- Be near your wedding weight and shape by your first fitting appointment. I know, some brides work on their bodies until day zero. Let your seamstress know this. Please don’t get a breast augmentation or liposuction without telling your seamstress. Believe me, it happens. Again, be prepared to make another visit to your seamstress if you do change your body weight or shape after alterations have been started. Also, be forewarned that this may incur an additional alterations cost.

Step 3- Be realistic about your dress. If you hate the color of your dress before alterations, don’t expect to like the color after alterations. Don’t expect alterations to take the 10 pounds off your figure that you didn’t get around to losing. Your dress may or may not hide your tummy. It may take several fittings to resolve all your issues with your dress. Very seldom are dresses completed after just one fitting. Be patient with your seamstress. She is trying to make you as happy with your dress as she can.

Step 4- Be on time for your alterations appointments. You are not your seamstress’s only bride and she will have a full schedule during wedding season. Let her know when you are running late and be ready to reschedule your appointment if she needs you to. Every seamstress has her own timeline for alterations, but an average time to start alterations is 2 months prior to your wedding date. If you procrastinate, you may not find a seamstress who can finish your dress in time for your wedding.

Not that hard! Don’t you agree? Just a little preparation before your alterations will make the process better for both you and your seamstress. This will result in a better relationship with your seamstress, making you both happier. This preparation process is the same for bridesmaids, mothers and anyone else with a dress needing alterations. These four easy steps will get your ready and on your way. Happy Alterations!

Article submitted by Janet Kirkman
Facebook: The House For Brides


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