Bachelor Party Ideas

1.) Sporting Event– Are you a big sports fan? Head to a baseball or football game for a day of fun. What’s better than tailgating and watching the game with your closest friends? This is something fun for all ages too! Or head to dinner before a hockey or basketball game.

2.) Paintball– Hold a paintball competition with your closest buddies. What guy doesn’t love a good competition? Losers have to buy the first round!

3.) Shooting Range – What’s more manly then heading to the shooting range with all of your guys? Have a small little competition amongst yourselves and a prize for the winner. Your guys will be sure to love this bachelor party activity.

4.) Casino– Do you love to gamble? Does a night of black jack, poker, or craps sound like the perfect night to you? Bring the guys to the casino for a fun night of gambling. Someone might come out a big winner!

5.) Concert– Are you and your guys big music fans? Head to a concert for a night of fun! This will sure to be a memorable night with the guys jammin’ to your favorite band.

6.) Ski/Snowboarding/Snowmobiling– Having your bachelor party in the winter? Hit the slopes with the guys for a day of skiing or snowboarding. Or take a snowmobile trip for all of your snow lovers. Rent a cabin for the weekend and de-thaw at night next to the warm fireplace.

7.) ATV/Boating/Rock Climbing– Are you the adventurous type? Head out for some fun activities with the boys. Take an ATV trip for the day, or hit the lake and do some boating. Try out skiing or wakeboarding. Or maybe tubing is more up your alley? Even try rock climbing with your group.

8.) Food Lovers Delight– Do you love to try new food? Head out to the closest city for the day and do some taste testing at a variety of restaurants. Rate your favorite restaurants and food.

9.) Back Yard Olympics– Do you want to hold a bachelor party on a dime? Or are you the type that doesn’t care to head out on the town? Have someone host backyard olympics. Create fun games for all of the guys to compete in. Be creative and channel your inner youth!

10.) Camping/Fishing Trip– For the outdoorsmen- head out for a relaxing weekend of camping and fishing with your best friends. Unwind for the weekend and take a break from the stress of planning a wedding.

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