Beyond the Ordinary: Steps to Plan Your Picture-Perfect Fairytale Wedding

Everybody wants to have a perfect wedding with all the things they enjoy, and with all the people they love. Your wedding needs to be something special, something that you will remember for the rest of your life and there are many things that you can do to make it just that.

How big should it be?

The first thing that you should figure out is how big you want your wedding to be. There are many people that get huge venues where hundreds of people can gather and enjoy the whole ceremony, but you can decide to do otherwise if you want to. Why should you call hundreds of people to your big day when most of them you barely know, while some you have never seen before? It will be a much better experience for both you and the people that you will call if the wedding is smaller. In this way, you can enjoy your time with your guests and properly celebrate with the people you care for and love. Remember, you are not making a wedding so that you can show off in front of strangers, but you do it so that you can enjoy the time together. Also, you need to keep in mind that the bigger the wedding, the higher the costs. It is better for you to spend less money on the venue so that you can spend more on things that are more important to you. 

Where will you have it?

The place where you will have the wedding can have a large impact on the way you will remember this special day. You can always get a venue and do all the ceremonies and activities there, but there are some options that are better. For example, you could do a wedding in nature. Just put some chairs on a piece of land in the middle of May, call the people to witness everything, and find someone who is going to lead the ceremony. This will leave a longer impression on you and it would be much nicer than some standard weddings in a venue. You can be creative and organize the wedding wherever you want. You could also go abroad and find a lovely venue for your dream wedding. You could find, for example, a wedding venue in Scotland that would be a magical experience for everyone involved. What is great is that you could save money by doing this, depending on the location you choose. There have been people who have paid for plane tickets for their guests to have a wedding abroad, but we would not recommend this because it would be too expensive for most people.

Think about the food

One very important part of your wedding is the food that you will be serving. The food should be something familiar to you and something that is normal for your culture. We would advise you to not overdo it. People will love most of the food you serve them, so you do not have to get shrimp and other expensive kinds. Prepare some of your local cuisine—something that everybody likes that is not expensive. The people at your wedding did not come for the food but because of you, so do not overdo it.

Set a budget

The best way to plan your wedding is to know how much you can spend on it. You need to have a concise number in your head, which will be your budget for the whole thing. You need to sit down and set your priorities straight. Most likely, you won’t be able to get everything that you will love but still, it will turn out great if you know what you are doing. You have to know how to balance the way you spend the money you have. You do not want to spend so much money on decorations and then you are short for something that is more important. 

Think about the entertainment

A great way to bring life to any wedding is through good entertainment. There are many things that you can do and what you will do depends on what you like and what your guests like. You need to think about activities that will make your guests happy, smile, and have a great time. You do not have to hire bands to have a good time at your wedding but you will need to be creative. You could ask some of your friends for suggestions; maybe they have experienced something that you could use for your wedding. Just know that if there is something that you like when it comes to this, that does not mean that others will do the same. You need to find something that everyone will enjoy.

Set a theme

What you can and should do at your wedding is set a theme that will benefit the wedding. What you need to do is just think about a theme that will be good for a wedding and that nobody minds. The theme should be something that you would love to see—something that you would only dream of. Of course, there should be some restrictions set, but if you are certain that you have chosen the perfect one for your wedding, then no one should dare to stop you. It is your wedding at the end of the day.

The guest list

Some people you will have to have on the list, like close family members and friends, but all of the other people can be uninvited. If you have a cousin who is only ruining other people’s occasions, then why should you call him or her? Also, do not forget to call all the people who matter to you, no matter how far away they are. You should be surrounded by people who care for you and want you to get what is best.

Your wedding needs to be yours. Nobody should dictate to you what you can and cannot do. Do as you please, and make the best of what you have.

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