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Paranoid about your husband smashing cake in your face and it falling all over your gorgeous dress? Do you know someone who spilled wine or their dinner on their expensive wedding gown? Don’t let this happen to you! Eliminate the added stress of trying to remove a stain from your wedding gown and protect your gorgeous dress with a  beautifully handmade satin bib.  Save yourself from those embarrassing photos with a big stain on the front of your dress.  Use a handmade Bib 4 Brides– the necessary wedding accessory! There are even wedding bibs for the messy groom as well!

These elegant bibs can be used for make-up touch ups as well as for dinner and cake cutting.

There are many styles to choose from: crepe-back satin in white or ivory, edged with white or ivory lace, with optional color coordinating ribbon, embellished with beaded trim or rhinestones, in square or oval shape. The Bib 4 Brides team makes gorgeous wedding bibs to fit your dress style and color.

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