Capture Your Memories The Perfect Way

With all the beautiful photos from your perfect day, I bet your wondering how to capture your memories the perfect way?


One of the most iconic ways to remembering the past is by scrapbooking! Let your creative side shine with stickers, ribbons, colors and vivid decoration! This hands on project is also a fun time consumer for you and your husband to work on together. Another great way for you to conserve these memories is by going digital!

Social Media

Social media is a great way to keep the photos high quality and share them with friends and family easily and without hassle. By putting your photos online, they will forever be stored in a digital safe and never be lost. Also, with all the tricks you can do online, one can edit their wedding photos to their liking without the extra costs of professional assistance.

Books, Canvases, Posters & More

Imagine all the things you can do with your wedding photos! Not only would you be able to make a photo book with multiple pages of your favorite moments, but you could also print some of your most captivating memories in unique ways. Beautiful canvases to hang in the living room, movie quality posters to highlight the basement, the ideas are endless, just like the love you two share!

Little Things Count

The photos don’t have to be big to be remembered. Show the love of your first year of marriage through personalized gifts! Personalize a locket, key chain, dog tag and/or more, and have your favorite photo be captured the present. Let this photo stay close to you, for it is a constant reminder of the perfect day you two shared together.

There are so many ways to capture your memories the perfect way, but hopefully this article was a great start to endless possibilities!

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