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How to Make Your Engagement or Wedding Ring More Meaningful

How To Organise The Best Wedding Reception Music

Engagement and wedding rings are automatically very meaningful by nature, but besides the fact that they are a gift centered around your marriage, they can be even more personal to you. If you’re able to have a say in your engagement/wedding ring (meaning, it’s not a surprise), here’s a list that was put together by…

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Your Simplified Guide to Clean Gold Jewelry

Top Destinations for Luxury Weddings

Do you want to clean your gold jewelry? If yes, then read on this article till the end as you will love these awesome tips. With no doubt, we can say that gold jewelry is a woman’s ageless companion and an essential fashion statement. It is its strength, beauty as well as grandeur that makes…

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Engagement Ring Ideas: The Three Trends You Will Be Seeing in 2019

Choosing the perfect engagement ring might seem like an impossible mission. There are so many options to choose from, and each person’s style is unique. This puts a lot of pressure on you, not to mention that some styles are more fashionable than others, so on and so forth. And while it is true that…

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What Is A Bridal Set and How Will It Help Save You Time?

Top Destinations for Luxury Weddings

From the time you start picturing your life with your significant other, to the time you finally say ‘yes’ to marrying them, there’s one piece of jewelry on your mind: the engagement ring. And, although this ring is the star of the show, there’s a really easy way to save time (and potentially money) by…

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What’s Your Bling?

Safe In His Arms

What Type of Jewelry Should You Wear On Your Wedding Day? (This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products.) Well, hello there lucky ladies and soon to be brides! As the big day approaches, all the details start…

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4 Free Gift Card Sweepstakes for your Wedding

Bridal Tee's

Didn’t think Wedding Vibe could get any better? Check out these 4 gift card sweepstakes that’ll spice up your wedding fun! $300 Gift Certificate for Wholesale Flowers has partnered with us to give you the opportunity to win a $300 gift certificate on wholesale flowers! Flowers are one of the most expensive aspects of…

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Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring: An Infographic

Engagement Ring Infographic

The earliest evidence of finger rings were found in what used to be the Sumerian city-state of Ur, now the modern Tell el-Muqayyar in Dhi Qar Province, Iraq. But it was the ancient Egyptians who were first discovered to exchange rings made from woven reeds and leather as a sign of love. Nowadays, rings have…

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Making Your Engagement YOUR Engagement

How do you know when you’ve met that special someone. How do you know that your current beau is not just the hottie du-jour but the one? It’s a difficult question to answer because the experience of realizing that your current girlfriend or boyfriend is the person with whom you want to spend the rest…

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It’s More Than Just an Engagement Ring!

Classic Photographers

What Your Engagement Ring Shape Says About You   We all know that diamonds symbolize more than romance. But did you know each diamond shape has its own meaning? See below for some expert advice from Julie Martin, founder and designer at Scout Mandolin. First, you should definitely know there’s a big difference between the…

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Tips For Buying The Perfect Ring For Him and Her

Happily Married

Photo By Brittany K from Classic Photographers Wedding rings have always been a symbol of everlasting and eternal love. Women have worn wedding rings to symbolize their status as a married woman. These rings have always been a personal choice and a matter of significant prestige. During the Second World War, soldiers deployed abroad began the…

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