Shake ‘em up, shake ‘em up, shake ‘em up shake ‘em! Seven-eleven, seven-eleven! Are those the bets you’re willing to make on your big day? Subliminally we all feel as though we can pull off just about anything. And Pinterest, YouTube, Google Images and others alike give us the false sense we are experts at everything! Well if ever in doubt, search fails and there’s your evidence. Go ahead and battle through the bridal shows and showcases, create boards, pin lots of pictures, and follow the perfect YouTubers to help create exactly what you and your groom need to make your day perfect. Done! Now what? Do you secure a venue, buy your dress, select your theme or wedding colors or book your photographer? More often than not, brides do nothing or the wrong thing.

The work must now begin. While doing your own research, consider attending a wedding planning workshop in your city. However, be selective in which is the best fit for you – all are not created equal. Many bridal shows include mini workshops as part of your registration or may charge a small fee to attend. Be sure the workshop includes a Q&A session where you can ask questions and get real answers to your concerns. So arm yourself with a shortlist of items you’d like to troubleshoot. Keyword here is “short”. If your list is longer, you can usually book a private session for a customized experience.

There are tons of topics to address, and in order to cover as much as possible, the agenda should include a high level overview of contract negotiations, budgets, planning facts, tips to save, where to wisely spend your dollars, and more. Many planners and consultants will share insider information and a few industry secrets. These will definitely prove helpful as you navigate the process of wedding planning with ease and confidence. Before you start a DIY project, sign a contract, or secure a date, make a small well spent investment of time and money and reserve your seat at a wedding planning workshop asap. Most importantly, don’t gamble and leave your special day to fate or luck!

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