How Close To A Fairy-tale Wedding Can You Get?

As young children, it’s easy to picture what our best and most beautiful wedding could look like. No doubt it would take place in a castle in the sky, with the longest flowing dress, and everyone you love would be there. Of course, not everything fits our childhood imagination, and perhaps this stereotypical impression was never really your idea of a perfect time anyway.

That being said, who said a fairytale wedding had to be the stuff of childhood dreams? You still get to consider an idealized wedding and make the best plans that suit you. In fact, we’d argue your fairytale wedding is still very much possible. 

In this post, we’ll discuss some ways you can balance that beautiful imagination with the practicalities of real event planning. Moreover, some of the true priorities you hold as an adult can change compared to when you were a child, so perhaps your dream outcomes are much more achievable than they had been.

Let’s consider that, below:

The Surroundings Matter

We tend to think of a venue as being the only important element of where a wedding is hosted, and while that’s certainly a huge part, it’s also good to consider the surroundings to see if the wider backdrop works for you. Sometimes, having the perfect climate, the perfect time of year, the perfect seasonal conditions can work to make a humble venue scream out in beauty. 

This might involve a humble village church, or perhaps a resplendent beachfront. What really matters is having a sense of belonging and place amongst you and your partner, and moving forward with that sense of comfort. If the surroundings are lovely, then the venue could be more than just well-fitting, but historical, or even mostly outside. This leads to a fairytale magic to your wedding because a venue won’t be spoiled by its surroundings.

Beautiful Documentation

A wedding isn’t just a day you’ll enjoy, but one you’ll look back on fondly. As you get older, you’ll hold this warm memory with a sense of love and peace, and it may be a fond memory you return to when having a tough time, or wanting to celebrate the love of your partner. 

Thankfully, some of the best wedding videography and photography, planned and executed by a creative professional with a proven pedigree, can help a wedding be documented in its most beautiful form. From including every attendee to making certain the venue and place is a character in each shot undertaken, you’ll be able to ensure your vision for the day is perfectly captured by individuals who totally understand how special this is for you.

The Arrival

What is the main implement of a fairytale wedding? Well, the horse-drawn carriage of course! Now, you don’t need this to be converted from a pair of mice or a pumpkin, but if you do have access to magic, go for it!

That being said, hiring a horse-drawn carriage or a similar wonderful mode of classic transportation can be a great idea. It’s all about your own taste. For some, that might involve an elegant limousine, a classic vehicle, or even being driven by your parent in a car they’re proud of.

This way, you can arrive at your gorgeous venue in style, waiting to meet your partner at the altar or equivalent depending on the venue you’ve chosen. It’s a nice moment that we tend to experience relatively little in our lives – a trip that’s solely for us, one we can indulge in. So, indulge! Don’t be afraid to opt for something unique and fun, it can set the tone for the entire day.

Consider The Menu

There’s love to be found in food. It’s hard not to feel a sense of fondness and appreciation every time someone cooks for you, or when you eat with someone you appreciate. If you have a large reception after your wedding as is traditional ,then eating with your family and unveiling the cake can be a great idea.

But accounting for everyone’s dietary needs and tastes, you get to decide what you have on your menu. Maybe you intend to make it seasonal or ensure it’s cooked with local produce. Perhaps a caterer has the exact same design principles as you, and planning this in advance can be wonderful. Some couples treat the feast like a formality, and of course, you get to decide how involved you become in it.

But often, considering a wonderful menu can be second to none in terms of the magic you enjoy that day. Don’t be afraid to invest in making this special.

WIth this advice, you’ll be certain to find that fairytale wedding you not only want, but deserve.

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