How to DIY a Wedding Flower Wall with Champagne Shelves.

Summer is around the corner and if you have an upcoming event we have a great recommendation for you, a flower wall or greenery wall with champagne shelves. Yes, you read that right, it is one of the most refreshing and beautiful ideas trending for 2024 weddings and events. Imagine the face on your guests when they find out that beautiful flower wall is not only set up for decoration but also serves as a champagne shelve! If you want to know all about them and even how to set it up yourself, please continue reding.

Why having a champagne wall at your wedding?

Weddings are more than dinner and dance; they are once in a lifetime event where family and friends gather to witness your love and celebrate your union with your partner. And since you are organizing such a unique event why not adding especial details to surprise your guests?

A champagne wall is the perfect excuse to break the ice between your guests as they enter your magnificent wedding venue. You can set it up at your ceremony location so your guests can take a glass and enjoy cocktail hour just after the ceremony. Another option is to have it as a welcome space for the wedding reception, as guests arrive to the venue, they can take a glass and go to their seats. Or if you want to really get the party started from hour one, use it as a welcome wall for the ceremony.

A champagne wall can be an easy way to serve multiple glasses at a time, and since it is a self-serve, you don’t need to make extra planning for it. Another big plus is how beautiful it looks and how easy it is to set up and use it. 

How to make a champagne wall.

If you have no clue regarding how a wall of champagne works and how to make or build one, or if you simply want to save yourself the headache of figuring that out, we can save you time and tell you there are easy ways to incorporate it to your wedding. One option is to find a local rental, some catering companies offer the service and you don’t have to move a finger, but naturally that comes at a higher cost.

For those couples who consider themselves crafty and love to save money, we advise you to rent a flower wall backdrop and a champagne wall. By renting them you only have to worry about setting them up on the night before the wedding and serving the champagne. If the catering or bar services offer glasses and champagne then you don’t even have to do that.

How to DIY a champagne wall.

We know how expensive weddings are, that’s why a DIY champagne wall is such a great idea. By renting the flower wall or greenery wall and the champagne wall you don’t have to pay any extra money. They are super simple to install, and you can even rent them online. Once they arrive you simply follow the steps and voila.

You get to choose from multiple flower walls and greenery walls so you can be certain the colors will match your wedding decorations. The sizes and exact measurements are in the website so you don’t have to worry about them not fitting your wedding venue space. Once the wedding is over you ship them back and you don’t end up having a useless flower wall and champagne wall for years in a corner of your home.

How to choose the right floral backdrop for my champagne wall?

First you need to find the style you prefer for your wedding, perhaps choose a color palette so that every little detail you want to add to your celebration actually looks as a part of a whole. Once you have a color palette it is time to choose a style, it can be bohemian, classic, timeless, romantic, countryside, or even disco!

Those two elements, the color palette and the style will help you choose the right flower wall or greenery wall backdrop. Try to choose the one that goes with your decoration, if your wedding is classic then you can go for a white flower wall, if your wedding is happening at a luxurious hotel venue then you might want to go for a white feather wall, and if you are saying yes during autumn a fall flower wall is the right one for you.

Personalize your champagne wall.

If a flower wall with champagne shelves is not appealing for you, we can help you make the most out of your wedding champagne wall by adding some simple details. If you want to have a wow factor, we can tell you nothing says wow like a black rose flower wall with a shiny neon sign. And if black is not on your color palette, then go for a pink, red, or white feather wall. Any color you choose can do the trick combined with a neon sign.

If neon signs don’t go with your wedding, then you can add some side decorations such as giant candles, a framed mirror with your initials and wedding date, perhaps some bohemian or rustic vases and even a table with your wedding guestbook so guests can sip some champagne while leaving a beautiful message for you and your partner.

Another great way to personalize your champagne wall is by engraving each glass, so your guests can keep it as a wedding favor, or you can add something cute like a bracelet or a sticker, adding bows to each glass can make them look super cute and romantic.

Choose the right spot. 

Placing your champagne wall strategically is crucial, you want it to be a photo spot or a main decoration, but you also want your guests to walk by it and take a glass of champagne. So, you need it to be where your guests flow but also in a spot where they can stop, take a photo, and let the rest of the party circulate.

When choosing where to place it we advise you to think of a large space where your guests will definitely pass by but also where light is appropriate so photos look cute, and especially where movement is not limited and you know your guests won’t be tipping over the wall.

Choose the right drink for your champagne wall.

When we hear champagne wall, we know it can only mean you will be serving champagne right? And while that’s one way to do it, you don’t have to limit yourself especially if you are not a fan of bubbles. The only thing you must be conscious about is the size of glass that fits into the champagne wall. If you are not sure about what drinks to serve here are a couple of ideas for each season.


  • Lavender lemonade with gin.
  • Cucumber mint white wine cocktail.
  • Strawberry sangria.


  • Peach iced tea and whiskey.
  • Mango Mojito.
  • Watermelon margarita.


  • Apple cider mimosas.
  • Cranberry sangria.
  • Pumpkin spice martini.


  • Mulled wine.
  • Eggnog.
  • Spiced punch with rum.

Having a champagne wall along with a floral wall backdrop will add more than a beautiful element of decoration to your wedding. It is a sophisticated and stylish piece that elevates the overall guest experience. Guests will enjoy the bubbly experience of a champagne glass or your preferred choice of drink. They will also love to take pictures besides the beautiful floral wall, and keep the memories of such an elegant space.

Your DIY champagne wall will be an interactive decorative space, you and your partner can share a cute kiss in front of the floral wall backdrop while toasting for a bright and romantic future. You can also make a toast with your bridesmaids, friends, and family members during cocktail hour.

A wedding champagne wall is one of the most versatile elements your can add to your decoration because there are so many colors and options for the floral wall and so many interesting ideas to personalize the entire experience, from décor to the type of drink you serve, the sky is the limit. And if you were doubting about renting a champagne wall or DIY a champagne wall, now you know how easy and simple it is to accomplish the task. You also know there is no need to find a pricey vendor to set up the wall.

We hope you have a better idea about how to make a champagne wall, and how to choose the right color and style for your big celebration. Your wedding is more than just a union and signing a paper, it is a celebration of to souls joining to start a new family. And such celebration should not carry on without special and unique details like a beautiful personalized champagne wall.  

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