How To Make Your Wedding Meaningful & Rememberable


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Since childhood, many women have thought about and planned their dream wedding multiple times in their head. If you’re on this site, reading this blog post, then I can only imagine the happiness and thrill you’re experiencing through this wonderful journey. A dream is finally becoming a reality, but at times it’s easy to lose yourself in the excitement. A wedding can be the most rememberable and most stressful time a bride is going to go through, but it doesn’t have to be. Just remember these simple tips of advise and I promise, your wedding day will not only be a success, but a cherishable moment to remember forever.

Don’t Stress Over The Little Things

Flowers, venue, colors and centerpieces, there are so many details and decisions a bride has to make for her wedding. But becoming too overwhelmed about the little things can make a bride become paranoid and anxious. During the process, have friends and loved ones support you through this journey and make sure to take days off to destress and remember why your getting married. Your wedding day should be a moment of love and happiness, and no bride wants stress to take a toll on her body.

Create Memories With DIY Projects

Depending on the date y0u set your wedding, why not try to do some DIY projects with your fiance! Doing projects with your fiance not only is budget friendly but also involves the both of you, creates memories, gives the wedding symbolism and is fun to do. Some simple DIY projects you and your fiance could do together is make centerpieces, wedding invitations, decorations and even try out some new recipes for the event!

Make The Wedding A Team Effort

More often than not, brides become overstressed because they try to take on the whole wedding. I know that your wedding is suppose to be your special day, but understand that trying to plan and do everything yourself is not only a lot of work, but a lot of extra stress that you don’t need to be going through alone. Weddings are about the love you share with your fiance, so why not make it a team effort? Incorporate your favorite things, foods, deserts and colors within the venue. If your hubby has certain interest like music preferences, then let him decide on the entertainment, or allow him to choose what the groomsmen wear. Doing things together or giving him tasks will not only ease your stress, but check off another task on your wedding To Do list.  It also involves your fiance and makes him feel important during this wedding adventure.

Incorporate Your History

Your wedding day should be about the love you share with your fiance. By adding details that remind you of specific moments in your relationship, it will not only make your day special, but will remind you of all the memories you have shared with the love of your life. Think about the first flower your fiance every gave you, the sea shells you’ve collected with him at the beach, your favorite movies and catch phrases you never seem to forget and scroll through the photos you’ve taken on your phone. They’re are so many little things that have symbolic meaning within your relationship, be creative and incorporate that history into one unforgettable day.

No matter what, your wedding day is going to be rememberable. But stress is a huge factor when it comes to the enjoyability of the process. Ever heard of the phrase, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey?” Many brides stress over the wedding so much that they develop a negative mind set and just want to “get the wedding over with.” Don’t just look forward to saying I do. Look forward to the journey you and your fiance will go through , and cherish the love you both share together.

Hopefully this post put you a little more at ease. Thanks for reading & make sure to stay in the Wedding Vibe!



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