How to Plan a Wedding As a Couple

How to Plan a Wedding As a Couple

Now that you’ve said yes to live a life with your partner, you have to get started on your wedding plans. It can be easy to take over all the planning on your own because of the thinking – “This is my wedding, and I’m going to make it perfect for me.” If that’s not your attitude as a spouse-to-be, yours might be more along the lines of, “Just do whatever pleases you.” 

However, this practice can cause a strain in the relationship even before the marriage begins. Planning a wedding as a couple is the start of divorce-proofing your marriage. To prevent the division of assets, which, according to McQuarrie, is a must, you must divide the tasks now as you plan your wedding. 

Here are some tips to help you get started: 

Deciding on a Date

When choosing the date of your wedding, consider the schedule of both parties. Just because the date is convenient for the bride, it will be the set date. Both the bride and the groom must have ample time to fix their personal schedules before setting the date of the wedding. You wouldn’t want the groom to arrive late because he’s coming from an international conference. 

When choosing the date, also consider the essential people for both parties. Will the parents of the bride need to fly in for the wedding? Will they be available on your chosen dates? Weddings are significant events, and special people should stand witness to your union. 

Tackling the Expenses

When it comes to the issue of expenses, you have to talk it out as a couple. In fact, this is the most crucial of all. Who will shoulder the bulk of the expenses? Will you be sharing the costs? To do this, have a set budget for your wedding. Then, list down all the necessary costs. If you’re working on a tight budget, consider DIYing some of the elements of your wedding.

The Guest List

Before asking your family, you have to first sit down with your partner to come up with a number for the guest list. Say, you decided that you’re only having 150 guests for your wedding. If you can divide the number of guests equally, then do it. And, stick to that number. Also, it is essential to ask your partner if there is anyone in your guest list that they are not comfortable with. Don’t invite them. You wouldn’t want it to become an issue in your marriage later on. 

Wedding Venue

Talk to your partner about options for your wedding venue. Then, decide as a couple. It is important that your partner is comfortable with where you would want to have the ceremony. For instance, you would want a garden wedding, but your partner is adamant about having a church wedding. Why not compromise by having a church wedding and a garden-themed reception instead? Iron out your choices, and don’t forget to factor in your budget, especially if you want to go to a destination wedding

A wedding is made for two. It is extremely important that you consult each other when it comes to big decisions such as your wedding. Some even say that wedding planning is the first test of compatibility of a couple before they enter their married life. Wedding planning can give both the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be an introduction to how their life would be once they get married. So, it is important early on to practice dividing the work, delegating tasks, and deciding as a couple during the wedding planning. It is also an excellent way to put your dynamics as a couple when it comes to solving issues and problems. 

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