Here are Awesome Ideas to Make Your Wedding the Most Magical Day

Everyone loves a good wedding. Weddings have this unique ability to make you feel all warm inside. Now, when it’s your own, the feeling is incomparable. So, whether you will be planning your own wedding or hiring a professional wedding planner, here are some amazing ideas you need to consider to amp up the magic on your big day:


Have a Destination Wedding


If your budget allows for it, make your friends and family join you on an adventure to send you off to your new life on an idyllic little island in the middle of the Mediterranean. This is better during the summer months when your guests are expected to go on vacation anyways. Since this won’t come cheap, make the necessary planning by checking with your invitees beforehand. Also, take their opinion regarding the destination; after all, you want to be surrounded by the important people in your life on such a special day. 


Hire a Limo


You want to spend the time leading up to your wedding working up the nerves you will need to be the center of attention for the whole day. Hiring a luxurious limo will give you that and more. If your wedding is in a big city like Melbourne in Australia, you should consider the best options for limo hire Melbourne has to offer—they should promise to make this day about you. The high-end companies will have you arriving at your venue in style and literally roll out the red carpet for you; the royal couple. It doesn’t get more fairy-tale-like than that!


Set the Tone with Unique Invitations


Use relevant words and designs to hint at the surprise that is awaiting your guests at your magical wedding. Don’t just let it be one of those disposable wedding invitations; make it so pretty that your guests will want to keep it for a long time.


Fly Sky Lanterns


Flying lanterns are the epitome of magic. When it’s time for your friends and family to give their toasts, have them follow their speech by flying a lantern to set their well-wishes out into the universe. This will leave your guests cheering in excitement and the photos will look amazing. A pro tip is to make sure you check the local laws regarding flying lanterns and to use eco-friendly ones. You want to start off your new life on the right foot with Mother Nature.


Plan Giveaway Favors for Your Guests


It is true that it is your wedding and your guests should be gifting you, not the other way around. But, these will be great memorabilia to remind your guests of your wedding day later on. They will also show you and your partner’s appreciation for your guests’ attendance. Make these personal and specific to you and your partner. You can engrave your wedding date on beautiful crystals that your loved ones can use as decorative items around their homes. You can also have your guests take home framed pictures of you together to hang in remembrance of this beautiful day.


Go for a Live Band


There is something enchanting about dancing to the tunes of a live band under a sky full of stars. Unlike the typical DJ, live bands create a cozy ambiance and are more personal. You don’t want your wedding to be exactly like everyone else’s with the exact same songs playing in the background. Choose the songs you want the band to play to go along with special moments like the first dance.


Create a Sublime Setup


Venue decorations and flower arrangements can take your wedding to a whole new level. Choose theme colors and work with your wedding planner to create beautiful centerpieces that match them. The coherent vibe will look amazing and add a sense of elegance to your wedding setup.


Plan a Magical Send-off 


The farewell should be as exciting as the entrance and leave your guests in awe. Have a farewell dance accompanied by mystic fireworks to leave with a bang. Have your photographer capture this special moment on camera. You can also prepare a closing dance with your close friends to put an incredibly fun end to what has been a dreamy day.


When planning your wedding, you want to have that fairy tale you’ve always dreamed of, however, you also want your guests to have fun! There is nothing like celebrating love surrounded by your loved ones, so be sure to enjoy it to the fullest. Once you see what an amazing job you and your wedding planner have done, all that’s left to do is have fun and live the magic.


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