How to plan for a winter wedding

Whether it’s finding the right menu, choosing the perfect rings, or booking the ideal venue, there’s so much to plan for a wedding. What’s sometimes overlooked, however, is that the time of year can also be hugely important. 

Winter hasn’t always been as popular a time for weddings as the warmer months. But recent trends have seen them become an increasingly fashionable option, as people move away from traditional spring and summer events. 

There are lots of amazing reasons to opt for a winter wedding. For one, venues tend to have more availability and costs are lower. You also know from the outset that the weather will be cooler, so you can focus on creating an amazing indoor event that won’t be curtailed if the weather changes at the last minute.

That’s far from all though. Let’s take a look at what else you should be thinking about when you’re planning your winter wedding. 

Make sure everyone is appropriately attired

You might have a warm, snug venue for the reception – but make sure that you think carefully about any occasions during the wedding where your guests, and the wedding party, might be exposed to the colder climate. 

Are you hosting the ceremony and the reception in different locations that will mean people have to travel? Are you planning on doing any group photos outside, for example in the gardens of your venue? If so, make sure guests are briefed to bring something warm to wear – and make sure your bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party have shawls, scarves, or something else to keep them warm, but that still fits with the theme of your outfit.

Plan ahead for your flowers

Flowers are seasonal, so if you’ve got your heart set on particular blooms, make sure that you plan ahead with your florist to secure whatever tropical plants you have in mind. Do also remember that flowers won’t last as well in cooler weather, so if you’re prepping your wedding venue in advance, or storing flowers overnight, make sure that it is warm enough for them to survive. It’s also important to keep them away from direct heat sources to avoid causing heat shock.

Consider the best food and drink

Summer weddings are the perfect place for canapes, cool glasses of champagne and nibbles – but winter weddings are an entirely different affair when it comes to food. Holding a winter wedding lends itself to hearty feasts, hot mulled wine and steaming mugs of hot chocolate – so why not think about how you can make warming winter food and drink an integral part of your big day? You could even include something like hot chocolate stirrers as your wedding favours.

Whilst it’s important to provide your guests with enough food and drink, you should also be conscious about waste. Not only does food waste eat into your budget, but it’s also bad for the environment. According to research, £488 is wasted on food at the average wedding. To prevent throwing this sum straight in the trash, consider the numbers on your guest list and carefully plan out your menu with this figure in mind. As well as asking for any dietary restrictions, you could also ask guests whether they’d prefer a streamlined menu with smaller portions, or perhaps by skipping a particular course. 

Think about themes

A winter wedding doesn’t mean limiting yourself to Christmas themed decorations. Snowflakes, crystals and shimmering glitter decor can produce a delightful frosty feeling, or choose winter foliage and berries to create a more rustic winter feel. 

Getting the theme right is an important part of anyone’s big day. But it’s all the more challenging when you’re trying to think of ideas for the perfect winter wedding. Take some time to sit down with your partner and discuss what they’d like to see before, during and after the ceremony. 

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