How To Refurnish Your Assets After “I Do”

On your wedding day, having a budget is “cute” because money doesn’t even compare to your once in a lifetime, perfect wedding. Every couple sets a limit, but then you have to add this and that until eventually you have accidentally splurged over your own budget. Is this a bad thing? In most cases no, because who wouldn’t want to spoil themselves on their wedding day? But after all the fun and excitement is over, reality and regret starts to set in. How can you avoid these aftermath feelings? No couple should ever regret the choices and decisions made for their big day, so here’s a few tips on how to earn back cash and justify your budget:

Sell Your Decor

It’s good to keep an item or two from your wedding as a keepsake, but the rest has got to go. Rather than storing your decor in a bin to sit away in the attic for years upon years, why not sell it and make a profit? You could easily sell your centerpieces for 15-20$ ea, making back some money that you didn’t have beforehand.

Bike & Walk

Biking and walking rather than driving can easily save money and gas for your car. If you live near town, why not take a walk with your husband or bike to town for common items that you don’t need a car for. Using your car less would result in saving gas and because you wouldn’t need to get an oil change right away, you could also save money on that as well. On average, most people spend about $35 every 3 months for an oil change and $80 a month on gas alone. Now that you can sort of see a picture forming, lets move on:

Learn To Cut Hair

This may be a little bit of a stretch, but keep an open mind about it. On average, men spend about $15 a month on haircuts, and that’s not even including tip. Their hair grows so fast it’s unbelievable how many times their walking into a barber shop. By learning how to simply cut your mans hair, you can easily save yourself around $200 within a year.

Start A Garden

Why shop when you can grow it yourself?? Growing vegetables that can be incorporated into many dishes like cherry tomatoes can save you money. Another reason why you should start a garden is because it not only saves you money, but it’s a start to being healthy, adds a hobby to your list of interests, adds colors and beauty to your backyard and gets you outside to embrace the day. It also gives you a free tan. 🙂

Invest In A CD

Going to your bank an opening a Certificate of Deposit isn’t profitable right away, however, it is a better investment when you compare it to a savings account. Putting your money in a savings accounts gives you a small percentage of interest per month. Investing in a CD is exactly the same as a saving account, the only difference is that your making more money with a higher interest.

Garage Sale

De-clutter your home and turn it into something profitable! Take the day to clean your home with your husband and decide what your keeping and selling. Every time I decide to have a garage sale it’s normally a 3 day set up. However within those 3 days, I make between 200-500$ selling old belongings, crafts and sodas/water for $1 a drink.

Cut Out Spending

There are so many things you can do to cut out spending. For 1, make dinner at home rather than going out. Every time I go out to eat with a friend, the bill is between 25-40$ with every outing. You can also cut out cable, shop Great Value, cut out memberships and any other unnecessary expenses.

There are so many more things you can do to save money. But for now, here’s a few starter tips and congratulations on being happily ever married!


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