How to Write a Heart-Melting Wedding Vow

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Imagine that moment… both of you just said yes, in front of everyone you care about. Now, they expect something special. Your one expects something special, and you expect the same thing from them. The wedding vows. 

It’s one of the most beautiful, heart-melting moments of the entire wedding. It’s the moment when you pour out your heart and soul. You promise you’ll grow old together, and you’ll be there for your partner no matter what.

It’s beautiful, but it’s also kind of stressful. You can’t write wedding vows on a whim. You’re pressured to write something that will make your partner feel loved but will also make you look good in the eyes of the guests.  

How do you do it?

Tips: How to Write Wedding Vows

  1. Understand What a Vow Is

There’s a clear definition of the word vow in a dictionary: “a solemn promise, pledge, or personal commitment.”

This is a pledge that you make to your partner. You’ll promise to be kind, loving, and supporting partner. 

Wedding vows often turn into pure expressions of love. The partners mention the moment when they met and they say how much they love each other. They include quotes of their favorite poems or songs. 

That’s okay. 

But since this is a vow, it has to involve a commitment that you make for the future. “Until death do us part,” remember? 

2.Set the Tone

The tone of your wedding vow is all about you. What’s your personality? Are you a funny, emotional, or serious person? Think about your true character and plan how you’ll express it. 

If you’re serious by nature, trying to be too funny will make you look fake. You don’t want to sound like someone else. The vow is about telling your special someone how you’ll love them till eternity. You’re not expected to entertain people. You’re just expected to be very, very honest about your feelings. If you can add a bit of humor as part of your character, you get extra points. But don’t try too hard.

3. Watch Other Couples Saying Wedding Vows

Did you know that JP Sars published his wedding video on YouTube? It’s beautiful. This is one of the funniest persons on the platform. Yet, the vows have a serious tone of commitment. That’s the right kind of vow. 

This brings us to an important point: watching other people say their vows will inspire you. It will help you understand what works and what doesn’t work. You may find your preference there. So, start with JP’s video and move on. YouTube is an endless source of content you can watch.

But be careful. You don’t want to get too inspired. You won’t rewrite someone else’s vows. This is supposed to be all you. You have to be 100% honest, and you can’t be that if you use someone else’s words. 

4. It’s Okay to Start with a Quote

When you were writing essays for schools and you didn’t know how to start, what did you do? You started with a quote. 

It’s a nice trick to get you going. 

You’re still using someone else’s words to express yourself. But you’re not stealing. It’s a short quote and everyone is aware that you didn’t write those words. What comes after that quote is all you.

5. Get Writing Help

You have deep feelings, but you don’t know how to write. That’s perfectly fine. Someone else can write it for you.  

Wait; are you allowed to hire a ghostwriter to write the wedding vow for you? Of course, it’s okay! A service that offers online assignment help can easily write this and deliver it by any deadline you set. 

Is this cheating?

No. The vow will still be 100% honest and original. We’re talking about a writer who will work under your guidance. You’ll tell them how you feel. You’ll tell them what you want to express with the pledge. You’ll share something about the way you met your partner, or you’ll mention a special event that bonded you. 

The writer will take these details and turn them into a great speech. 

Wedding Vow Help

Stay Real

You know what you feel. You know exactly what brought you to this huge commitment you’re making. You love your partner and you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with them. You’re excited about all that life has to throw at you. It won’t always be great. But you’re not afraid. You know you’ll always have this human beside you. When you’re together, nothing is scary. 

Wait; was that an idea for your wedding vows? 

It might be. 

If you got inspired, maybe today is the right day for writing. Remember: be honest. Be you. That’s good enough for the perfect vows. 



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