Keep Dating While You are Planning Your Wedding

It may surprise you but many couples stop dating each other as soon as they get engaged. You would think they would date more but in fact many couples redirect all of their energy towards planning the wedding and forget to notice each other as they move towards their “big day”. That is why I always use one of the premarital counseling sessions I do with couples and focus on leisure activities. I always give them a dating exercise as homework. It is based on a simple principle. If you want to keep your relationship alive and growing, date your mate!

Dating really it is the best way to maintain your relationship during your engagement and into your marriage. Ask any married couple you know whether or not they have a healthy, happy and fulfilling marriage. If they say yes I bet you will find that they have some sort of schedule for dating their mate.

My wife and I have been married for 27 wonderful years. We have gone through difficult times like all couples. But we would both say that the secret to our long and happy marriage has been that we have always set aside a date night. In fact, we did this so regularly that when we did not take our date night our children would ask us why we did not go out. As they got older they would actually make us go out because they saw what it did for our marriage and parenting.
So do not forget to date your mate!

Article submitted by: Harry Jarret, Jr. from On Sunny Slope Farm

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