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It is estimated that this year alone over 200,000 women and more than 1,900 men will be diagnosed with
breast cancer. Sadly, breast cancer will take the lives of more than 40,000 people this year in the United
States and over 410,000 worldwide. In the United States one person will be diagnosed with breast
cancer every 2½ minutes, and one person will die of breast cancer every 12 minutes. Many know that
this disease is the second highest killer of women in the United States, but a little known fact is that
breast cancer is the number one killer of women between the ages of 15 and 54.

The human toll of these statistics is staggering. Small children are left without their mothers. Husbands
are left to raise families on their own. There are now 2.8 million women in America diagnosed with
breast cancer—this number is increasing rapidly.

The tragedy of this illness, as with any terminal disease, is not limited to the physical and emotional
impact. In many cases an enormous financial strain is placed on the family. The staggering cost of
treatment must be paid, all the while hoping to buy time until a cure is found. When the insurance is
exhausted and the hospitals are paid there is often no money left for extras. This means that many
families cannot afford special moments together that might lift spirits and ease the turmoil of “saying

It is our intention to “make a difference” in the lives of those suffering from this devastating
disease. Our wish-granting service helps put the realities of this terminal illness aside, if just for a few days,
while providing the opportunity for a family to spend quality time together. Our hope is that every
metastatic breast cancer patient will be able to pass from this world comforted with the joy of having
left his or her family a final beautiful memory—something the family will look back on and remember
for a lifetime.

Corporate Sponsorship, businesses, family memorials and private individual sponsors are urgently
needed to help support and grant wishes. At this time our primary fundraising activity is Brides
Against Breast Cancer
. We accept thousands of new and used wedding gowns every year from private
and corporate donors, then sell these beautiful gowns to brides at exceptional savings over retail prices.
Dozens of these gown sales events are scheduled annually in major cities all across the country. Other
fundraising activities include the Pink Envelope Project, Diamonds for Dreams and a Nationwide Quilt
where quilters turn damaged gowns in treasured reminders of the past.

Read more about Brides Against Breast Cancer and how you can help:

Every year Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation receives thousands of beautiful designer
wedding gowns from bridal shops, manufacturers, and individuals across the nation. Making Memories has received over 40,000
wedding gowns for their nationwide “Brides Against Breast Cancer” events, including thousands of
brand new gowns donated by bridal gown manufacturers such as, Brides By Demetrios, Maggie Sottero,
Paloma Blanca, Mon Cheri, Alfed Angelo and David’s Bridal.

“Brides Against Breast Cancer”, a fundraising division of Making Memories, holds charity wedding gown
sales in dozens of cities across the nation every year. Shopping at a “Brides Against Breast
Cancer” event is a great way to find a fabulous gown and save hundreds, maybe even thousands of
dollars, while making wishes and dreams come true for terminal patients. Gowns whose original value
is up to $8,000 are sold between $99 and $799. Gowns originally priced up to $20,000 sell for an incredible
25% to 75% off.  Click here for the nationwide tour of gowns calendar.

How to Donate Your Gown

How can you help make dreams come true?  At this time, we are in need of contemporary gown styles, slips and veils dating from 2005 until the present day.  Each gown that arrives at our organization is carefully prepared for our upcoming “Brides Against Breast CancerTM, Nationwide Tour of Gowns” sales. The thousands of generous donations we receive from designers, manufactures, bridal shops, and individuals worldwide, enables Making Memories to grant final wishes to women and men suffering from terminal breast cancer.

Until recently, we have been able to accept gowns from all eras and in any condition, which we sell nationally and worldwide or produce into quilted artworks.  However, due to our extensive inventory of vintage, antique and retro gowns, we recommend all generous potential classic era donors withhold their contributions until we have room to accommodate these prized garments.  We anticipate posting an announcement on this website when we once again have the ability to manage these treasured gifts with the respect they deserve.  Please visit website to get exact directions on donating your dress: Brides Against Breast Cancer

Volunteer at an Upcoming Event

Without the dedication of volunteers like you, Making Memories would be unable to accomplish our mission. Make this a fun and rewarding group activity.  Invite your co-workers, club, family and friends to join you in supporting this worthy cause.  You will experience the joy of assisting a new bride as she chooses her “dream gown” while meeting some of the nicest people!

If you are a Bridal consultant, seamstress or cosmetic specialists (for example Avon, Mary Kay, Arbonne) who would enjoy assisting brides in preparation for their “big day,” we invite you to join our volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer during a Brides Against Breast CancerTM event in a city near you may send an email to [email protected]with “Volunteer (and your city and state)” in the subject line.

Bring the Tour to Your Home Town

We are searching for donated space to hold “Brides Against Breast CancerTM” charity wedding gown sales in cities nationwide. If you or someone you know has 4,000 – 6,000 sq. ft. of ballroom space available to host our event, please contact [email protected].

Learn more about Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation here.

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