Moissanite Heart Ring – A New Way to Show Your Love 

Flowers, a box of chocolates leading to a diamond ring no longer cuts it. Now, differentiating your love for another from tacky cliched experiences has become essential when looking to demonstrate your true feelings. 

There are many ways to think outside the cliches. Rings remain important in the process but a little imagination can go a long way to stamp your personality on the ultimate commitment to love. 

What better way to discard the traditional than to instead choose a gem fashioned from a rock born from the stars? Nothing can make a stronger statement of love than a moissanite heart ring, the stone of the stars forged with and set on precious metal, to present to your intended.

Better than Diamonds

Why you would choose moissanite over diamonds is a valid question. At around half the price of traditional diamonds, moissanite is not the cheapest diamond alternative. Its real attraction lies in how closely it resembles a true diamond, both in terms of aesthetics and physical attributes.

Discovered over a hundred years ago by french mineralogist Henri Moissan while examining a meteor, it became known as the “gem born of stars.” Initially, it was quite rare, though mining sources did exist, it was eventually able to be grown in a laboratory, massively increasing supply.

Unfortunately, the moissanite growing process was patented. However, the protections expired recently. Now this beautiful stone has been released from its strictures, it has become available to wider audiences at more affordable levels.

Moissanite Production and Value

Although still mined, the majority of the supply comes from lab-grown sources. The idea of a lab-grown stone might scream fake, but in fact, beyond just price, it has a number of advantages over using traditional diamonds, such as stone size and supply, not to mention ethical and environmental benefits.

The sheer closeness of moissanite stone’s attributes in relation to diamonds makes them much more alluring than other conventional alternatives, such as cubic zirconia, even though they are considerably more expensive. The ability to control supply helps with sourcing a reliable source of stone size and availability, both important when creating complex engagement ring designs. 

Sustainability and Environmental Benefits

A secondary benefit of using lab-grown moissanite stones is the ethical concerns and environmental issues relating to diamond mining can be sidestepped. 

Diamond mining has long been controversial. Many diamonds are mined out of war zones, with the proceeds used to finance the conflict for one side or the other and these stones are often referred to as ‘blood diamonds.’ Other diamonds are mined in energy-heavy processes that damage both the climate and the environment. 

When you step back and consider the issues involved with most diamond mining, the idea that a diamond shows another person your true love soon dissipates. Choosing a stone such as moissanite as the gem to set in your jewelry shows not just love for your partner but also care and affection for the environment and the wider world. 

The Heart in Design

Indeed, when speaking of love, nothing speaks more of love than its universal symbol, the heart. No matter what country or language you speak or from what age or time you look back at, the image of the heart has always been synonymous with the concept of love.

It has been incorporated into jewelry, and particularly into rings, down through time. Traditional rings have long incorporated hearts in their design. Probably the most widely known is the Claddagh Ring

Thought to emanate from a small fishing village on the west coast of Ireland in the 1500’s, it is known as a barometer of the wearer’s heart. If the bottom of the heart points toward the hand, it signifies you are in love, away, that you are free to give your heart.

Heart Shaped Engagement Rings

It is just a small step then from rings such as the Claddagh to look to incorporate the symbol of the heart into an engagement ring. The engagement ring is the ultimate arbiter of where a person’s heart lies, a sign that another owns your heart, unconditionally, for eternity.

Using moissanite presents the jewelry designer with options and flexibility in creating heart-shaped rings that are just not possible with traditional stones. Being a clear stone like diamonds, it can suit any precious metal mount. Designs therefore, can be both elaborate and ornate or simple and demur, going from screen to finished ring without compromise. 

The result is that specialist moissanite jewelers can create the perfect moissanite heart-shaped ring for you without the thought of cost having any real bearing. 


The very human impulse of showing love will never go away. Whether it is a show of affection or a representation of an eternal commitment there is no better way of representing this than through a moissanite heart engagement ring.

The symbolism of moissanite though, goes further than just showing your love for that special person. It also reflects a concern for those around you and the environment and rejects the old tainted forms of displays of love, such as diamonds, showing them to be little more than a show of vulgar wealth, more about purchasing than winning true love.

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