Motivating Advice for Self Conscious Brides

The Ugly Truth

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The ugly truth is that we all want something that we can’t have. We all want to be someone that were not and want to have features that are completely opposite to our genetic build up. We want to change ourselves and upgrade the person that were tired of being. But no matter how much weight you lose, how many times you change and cut your hair. No matter how much make up you wear and the shade of your skin, in the end you will always be you.

How We’re Born

Humans were naturally born with negative minds and lingering thoughts. Constantly thinking about ways to get better and how to improve ourselves; but ignoring the greatness and positive aspect in accomplishments and self love. We don’t appreciate how amazing it is to be individuals and dwell on how we can’t be like everyone else. Here’s some advice no one has probably ever told you: Don’t strive to be normal.

Normal is Overrated

It doesn’t pay to be like everyone else. Your life is a blessing, an untold story. One day when you have children of your own and they ask you about your life, do you want to tell them someone else’s story or your own?

Embracing Fear

Yeah, it is scary to be an individual. There’s always criticism and judgement, but why let the opinions of others hold you back? In the future, do you want to regret not being the person you want to be? Regret trying so hard to change yourself for others? Or would you rather find joy in being the person you are presently, and embrace your talents, features, and personality?

The Beauty of Self Actualization

Your not narcissistic if you love who you are. If anything, you’re braver than most people because positive minds are rare in this society. It’s sad to think that positive minds are rare, but it’s the ugly truth. Most people spend the entirety of their lives impressing their peers and living in stability rather than doing what they love and being happy in the things they enjoy.

Breaking Free

Break free from conformity and don’t be like everyone else. You don’t need to be a model, have the perfect hair, walk in heels or have the golden tan. No matter what others think, embrace who you are because you ARE beautiful. You’re beautiful by your looks, your mind, your passions and desires. You don’t need to change the person you are for others or for approval. Because in the end, nothing is going to matter. All that does matter is how you look at yourself. And if you choose love rather than hate, the world will feel like a breathe of fresh air rather than suffocating smog.

 Love Is Encouraging

Though you want to look breathtaking for him as well. But he loves you with all his heart. He’s marrying you because he loves the person you are and you don’t need to change to keep that love eternal. Don’t stress over your hair, and how your make up isn’t perfect. Don’t stress because your dress is an inch too long and how you chipped a nail before I do. Because he isn’t looking at your nails, your hair, your body or your imperfections. He’s looking at you. He’s looking at the past and when he first fell in love with you. He’s looking at the future for when you have a family, buy a house and grow old together. And he’s looking at you presently, and how you’re going to become his wife. How right now in this moment, you couldn’t be more beautiful because he is seeing you as the woman he is going to spend the rest of his life with.



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