The Essential Grooms Guide To A Perfect Wedding Day

When it comes to wedding day preparations, we often concern ourselves with the bride more than the groom. I don’t really know the reason for this, I guess brides are traditionally more hands-on with everything and like to take more of a controlling role during the planning stage. Plus, there’s way more emphasis on the wedding dress than the groom’s suit.


In general, I feel like groom tips are underrepresented on the internet. So, for any of the men out there quietly sweating with nerves about their wedding day, this one’s for you! Feel free to read through this guide if you want to know exactly how to prepare for the big day, along with some advice on how to make your wedding even better – enjoy!

Groom Guide

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Prepare Your Speech

Once the big ceremony is over, and everyone has gathered at the reception, you’ll be expected to make a speech after dinner. Some brides like to do this, but it typically falls on the shoulders of the groom to give a big speech. I’ve heard of grooms that think they can wing this and just give an impromptu speech on the day. Don’t do this, it could lead to a drawn out speech full of awkward pauses and tumbleweed moments where everyone is silent. When it comes to speeches, preparation is vital.


Spend a good deal of time leading up to your wedding writing the speech and running it by your wife-to-be. Practice it as well, so you memorize most of it and don’t spend the whole time staring at a piece of paper. There are a few essentials to include in this speech – most notably thanking everyone for coming out and giving special thanks to people that helped organize the wedding in any way shape or form. Thank everyone first, get that out of the way, before starting on a lovely speech about your new wife. One last tip; don’t have too much to drink or you’ll drunkenly slur your speech, and it will be a disaster.

Lay Off The Booze

Speaking of not having too much to drink before your speech, alcohol, in general, isn’t advised on your wedding day. Everyone else can have some, but you should probably lay off it a bit. It’s okay to have a few, but don’t get flat out drunk so you pass out halfway through the evening.


Remember, this is the biggest day of your life so far, you want to remember all of it! I can’t think of anything worse than ending your wedding night in the bathroom being sick and waking up with no recollection of half the night. Lay off the booze, and you’ll find the whole day is much more enjoyable and memorable.

Groom Guide

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Get A Custom Suit

Suit shopping is arguably harder than shopping for a wedding dress. At least with a wedding dress, you’re buying something that’s so different to anything other dress you’re likely to have worn in your life. With a suit, you don’t have a lot of options style-wise. It’s hard to stand out and wear something completely different to any other suit you’ve previously worn.


In the end, your primary thoughts should drift towards matching the bride and getting the right fit. Ensure you don’t buy a suit that completely clashes with your future wife’s wedding dress. This is a surefire way to ruin your wedding day! When your outfits match and go well together, you both end up looking even better. As for the fit, your best options are custom suits for your wedding day. These are suits that have been designed and made from scratch, specifically for you. This guarantees the best fit possible, rather than trying to adjust a different suit to fit you. You’ll feel more comfortable, and look better as well.

Proofread The Best Man’s Speech

You aren’t the only one giving a big speech at your wedding. In fact, many people say the best man’s speech is the biggest one that everyone looks forward to. It’s normally a chance to crack a few jokes at the married couple’s expense – particularly you, the groom. It’s all fun and games, but you should definitely liaise with your best man beforehand to ensure his speech is suitable.


Now, I’m not saying you have to be very strict and tell him what to write. It’s more a case of ensuring he doesn’t include anything that’s a bit too rude or just not really suited to a family setting. Remember, there could be children at the wedding, so it has to be somewhat PG friendly! Also, if they mention a story your wife doesn’t know about, it could cause some conflict on your first day of marriage, so make sure she’s aware of everything that’s about to be said.

Learn How To Dance

There’s nothing more embarrassing than sharing your first dance with your wife and not having a clue what to do. You step on her toes the whole time, and she ends up leading you rather than vice versa. Thankfully, most weddings happen months – sometimes even years – after engagements. So, this gives you plenty of time to practice.


I suggest you take dancing lessons to learn how to dance properly. Over the weeks and months, you can hone your skills and surprise your wife on the big day. It will be a magical moment as you take her by the hand and dazzle everyone on the dancefloor. The great thing is, with you leading, it doesn’t matter how good she is at dancing. By being a good leader, you will make her look better than she might be. It will be a first dance people remember for decades to come – who knows, it could even go viral on YouTube.


Alright grooms, listen up! You’ve been given your guidance, you’ve been told the tips and tricks to make this wedding a success. Now, it’s up to you to actually apply them. Preparation is of the utmost importance, and you can’t expect your fiance to do all the work. Make sure you’re planning for the big day as well, and it will all go swimmingly.

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