Tips for a Destination Wedding

Are you a bride or groom who have dreamed of having your wedding in a faraway castle, or on a beach in Mexico?  Perhaps you have dreamed of saying your “I do’s” under a Parisian sky or in a chapel in England. If so maybe a destination wedding is in order! Many couples who do not want a large wedding or dream of having their nuptials in an unusual venue usually choose to go with a destination wedding. This way, they are surrounded by their closest friends and family in a stunning location of their choice where they can enjoy a holiday with their loved ones after the ‘I Do’s’.  If this is you, here are a couple helpful tips to think about if you are deciding on a destination wedding.

Set Your Budget

Before beginning to look for locations that match your dream venue, it is best to set your entire wedding budget. This will help you price all-inclusive or a la carte packages in different locations. Keep in mind that destination weddings allow you to enjoy both the wedding and the honeymoon together, meaning you can combine both budgets. You can also obtain a wedding planner either locally or in the location of your choice to help you stay within your budget and get the most for your dollar.

The Location

This may be a no brainer, but it requires a fair bit of research. Will you be wed on Sugar Beach in St. Lucia, a castle in Ireland or in a beautiful seaside city like San Diego or Seattle? Your budget has a lot to do with your location as well as the number of people attending. Another factor to determine in the location choice is time of year.  Getting married during the rainy season or peak tourist season should play a role in your location choice if you are set on a certain date.

Visit Your Location

If this is feasible financially, you should always visit your desired wedding location before booking anything. Sometimes what looks good on paper or in your research may not be what you’ve envisioned when you arrive. While you are visiting, you can also speak to a wedding coordinator and get all of the information you will need about documentation needed to get married and more.

Your Guest List

Speak with your friends and family that you would like to invite to your destination wedding before the invitations are sent out.  Your guest list will be much smaller than a local wedding as destination weddings can be taxing on guests who must pay for their own vacation, and it may not be feasible for everyone to attend. This should also be done for those you plan to have in your wedding party.

Plan Ahead

Most importantly if a destination wedding is for you, plan ahead.  Allow yourselves enough time to select a location, visit the venue, and alert your guests of your desired plans.  Start your research early enough to plan your budget and to allow for any potential setbacks that can occur with getting married in another city, state, or country.   Taking the time to think through all of the extras that come with planning a destination wedding will mean that you truly will have the wedding of your dreams.

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