Walking on Sunshine – Wedding Color Trends for Summer 2023

Summer is a popular time for weddings for several different reasons. It includes beautiful weather, which means there’ll be stunning photos to preserve the happiest day of your life. The abundance of fresh flowers and produce and the convenience of travel schedules. 

It has been considered the perfect time for weddings and the ideal time to celebrate love. Of course, a summer wedding can never be perfect without color themes to add radiance to the whole affair.

Some Summer Wedding Color Trends In 2023 To Match Your Style

The Terracotta-Themed Wedding

This year, Terracotta is named a lovely color scheme for weddings. Its hue has a warm tone ranging from red to light orange to dark brown. It’s also versatile and looks fabulous in every decor or flower arrangement.

Weddings with an earthy, terracotta feel, also known as rustic weddings, have a uniquely creative and carefree beauty. The color imparts a wonderful depth that’s said to represent solidity and permanence for the couple. Its allure is perfect for your summertime wedding. 

Match your theme with perfect pieces of jewelry. Your wedding day is your time to sparkle with stunning gems for terra-cotta themed weddings. With your bridal gown and jewelry, you can have matching bouquets, corsage, and terracotta-themed floral decorations. They’ll all make your wedding more beautifully ethereal. 

The Earth-Tone-Themed Wedding

There are many reasons why a wedding with earthy tones might be the perfect choice for a summertime celebration. Warm browns, cool greens, and soft yellows are earth tones that can make you feel closer to nature. It’s an atmosphere ideal for summertime when the days are warm and sunny. 

Whether you’re going to have an outdoor wedding or a destination wedding, an earth-tone color theme will be an outstanding choice. These hues have the potential to arouse feelings of closeness to the splendor of the season’s natural landscapes and wonders. 

The use of earth tones can also be very versatile. It allows for exciting design possibilities, ranging from bohemian and rustic to sophisticated and elegant. Overall, a wedding with earth tones can produce a warm, inviting and timelessly elegant atmosphere, which is ideal for your summer wedding.

The Sage Green-Themed Wedding

Sage green can be a perfect color theme for your wedding. Typically, it’s a pale and muted grayish-green color with a hint of silver and gray undertones. It’s often called a calming and cooling color associated with nature and the outdoors. It can vary in intensity from light and subtle to richer and darker hues.

Some studies associate green with optimism and fertility, so some wedding organizers label any green shade as perfect for wedding color themes. Also, the lush greenery feel creates a natural and harmonious ambiance for your celebration of love event. Its muted and soft tone can evoke serenity and tranquility, enhancing the refreshing summer wedding atmosphere.

Walking in the sunshine can never be this refreshing and romantic, with sage green all over your wedding venue.

The Dusty Rose-Themed Wedding

Dusty rose is a romantically soft and versatile color that can blend perfectly with summer’s warm, vibrant tones. It can create a beautifully vivid contrast, especially in boho weddings. The vintage-inspired shade of this color evokes femininity, elegance, and sophistication to match a summertime wedding.

The dusty rose color can be easily matched with blush pink, sage green, ivory, or gold, allowing for various palette combinations for bouquets, corsage, decors, and centerpieces. It can add a touch of timeless beauty and vintage charm to your wedding day.

To Wrap It Up

Walking in the sunshine on your wedding day won’t necessarily mean an outdoor wedding in the garden or at the beach, on an exotic island, or a remarkable wedding at a golf course. The color theme, decor, and floral arrangements can make you feel the perfect summer!

Find and create more personalized and unique wedding plans from the links on this page and make your wedding the most unforgettable summer event of a lifetime!

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