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What little girl does not dream of the day that she gets to walk down the aisle in her picture- perfect dress right into the arms of the man she loves?

You are engaged, and soon it will be time for the biggest day of your life! Soon it will be time for you to have your dream wedding, and with that dream day come many high expectations. As for me, I was a no-nonsense, highly organized bride. Others are laid back/ go- with- the-flow brides. I give kudos to everyone. Planning a wedding is no easy task, and you have to expect the unexpected. Be aware that there will be some kind of dilemma at the wedding. However, these surprise glitches can often make the wedding even better if you just breathe in, breathe out and remember what brought you to this day. At my own wedding, the wedding cake began to melt in the intense August heat. Fortunately, my wedding planner saved the day. She got the cake into the fridge, and when it was served it looked beautiful and no one was the wiser. In fact, everyone complimented the cake, saying that it was the best wedding cake they had ever had! Then there was the ring bearer who decided at the last minute that he did not want the position. Again, disaster was averted thanks to the flower girl who jumped in and saved the day, making our ceremony more precious than I could have ever imagined. My best advice to all you brides and grooms is to remain flexible and remember that even the best made plans can sometimes go awry.

Brides and grooms need to consider a seemingly endless list of details: what vendors to get, who to seat where, the colors of linens, flowers, dresses and decorations. Above all, most brides and grooms have to be mindful of the daunting and ever growing expenses. In the midst of all this wonderful planning and decision making, many forget to take a step back and breathe in, breathe out and remember. Just stop for a moment, look at each other, and remember what brought you to this day. How did you meet? When was the first time you kissed? Ask yourselves these little questions that put the skip in your step, and let the planning process continue. When it comes time to walk down the aisle, you will remember to breathe in, breathe out and remember that you are walking into the arms of the person you love. Today you begin your new journey together.

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Jackie Watson
VT Enchanted Events
Weddings & Events Coordinator

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