Wedding Day Mishaps

It was gorgeous…a simply beautiful 76 degree day with plenty of sun.  The wedding coordinator had the runner in place under the outdoor canopy and candles were set along the aisle to be lit when the time arrived.  The Unity Vase was positioned on the white lace-draped table and the Groom was preparing to take his place at the altar.  A few moments later as the music rose and the Bride stepped onto the runner, a gust of wind blew the candles out– and worse—the Unity Sand vases were tipped over sending pink and brown sand spilling out over the table. As I reached for the vases I heard the Bride say “This isn’t happening…”

But it was.  And it did.  And so the moment went on.

No matter how many details you check off the list and no matter how many mini-emergencies you are prepared to deal with on your wedding day, you cannot dismiss the prowess of Mother Nature.  She doesn’t need an invitation to your ceremony nor does she require a seat.  She can pop out of nowhere and leave you to deal with the surprise.  What do you do?

You simply go with the flow, so to speak.  Do not waste your time feeling disappointed that it did not go perfectly as planned, but relish those little moments as memory-makers.

When the time came to pour the sands together into one vase it occurred to me that the couple getting married had already faced some dilemmas together.  A couple truly in love standing at the altar has already pledged to one another to stay side by side for better or worse.  This particular couple had already seen their share of “worse” and so I felt moved to ad lib a bit…

“…Just like all relationships, it looks as though you have already spilled a little sand…Who here has not spilled some sand from time to time? It is what you do with the sand after the ceremony that makes a difference.”

What did the couple do?  They made a half brown and half pink heart in the sand spilled on the table in front of their Unity Vase.  It made a delightful photo opportunity!  Afterwards the Newlyweds brushed the sand into their hands and, making a wish, scattered the grains to be carried off into the wind…It was better than any of us could have ever planned for.

Article submitted by: Amy Baker of The Moments Count

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