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Wedding videos are changing. Conventionally, wedding videos have been long, boring and shot like a documentary. John Griffiths from explained to us how weddings used to be shot and then detailed how companies like his have taken a fresh approach to capturing the story of your big day. “Traditionally videographers set up their cameras and shoot everything, including all the insignificant and empty areas. The video would have minimal editing, little to no color correction and then be delivered to the client. Who wants to watch a 3-hour video of their wedding? Having spoken with many couples, we found that they are really looking for the special and most sentimental moments. That’s why at Beauty & Motion we work with our clients to set the most beautiful, memorable moments from their wedding to a song that really means something to the couple.”

Couples are increasingly using social media to share the buildup to their wedding and then sharing posts from the big day, during and after the event. This is where John believes the change has occurred. “Classically a wedding video would only be viewed by the couple and maybe some family who couldn’t attend. This isn’t the case anymore; people want to share everything. With one of our videos you get to post a music video style vignette that your friends and family will actually watch. The cinematic style we use makes your day look amazing, rather than dull and event-less. We also work with couples to create engagement videos that can be shared to promote their upcoming wedding day, or actually presented during the reception”.

Another change to wedding videos is the use of storytelling. “We also offer a package where your engagement and wedding are both united in the same video.” John says, “we sit down with the couple and find out how they popped the question, what they enjoy doing together as a couple and work that into the story; the couples wedding day is then just the icing on the cake. This way the couple and their friends and family can follow the couples’ journey creating a more emotional response.”

Article Submitted By: Beauty & Motion

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